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Thread: It's not about the refunds

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    I have yet to have a second tournament game fire properly and still occasionally have priority issues where neither myself nor my opponent have the option to pass priority. I'm only 50 bucks into this game but I must say with 2.3M, I expected them to be able to get to beta more quickly than what will probably end up being 8-12 months late (and no taste of PVE and all the bugs that will inevitably come with those cards yet...).

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    The reason the bugs come is because we're getting the cards as they're worked in. There is 3-4 months between sets and there will be much much less bugs if the cards are all put in at once after that many months of testing. Not to mention the more bugs are squashed the less likely it is to happen in the future due to similar effects and circumstances. Alpha is alpha, they trust us to help them with the squashing (They said to expect many bugs when we they first opened doors to Alpha).

    If these are bugs in the open beta then maybe you would have a point but the very fact the bugs aren't being squashed as much is probably because the engineers are also working on the things you want to see. The game freeze thing does worry me however but I only see it now in situations dealing with counterspell.

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    I worry about the overworked developers at CZE. It seems like they're set on 1 week sprints. I really think before Beta comes out there needs to be a period where they focus on cleaning up bugs and polishing, maybe more time spent creating test.

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    I only wished we were thrown a few more bones about PvE, if only to get some more excited about the game (I don't care at all about online tournaments, I am looking for the MMO/PvE part where I can play co-op vs. AI).

    Otherwise I think CZE is doing okay - developing/publishing a CCG is hard enough (been there, done that), having the complexity Hex that raises that by some logarithmic factors and then you need to program it. Next hardest step: Getting an AI to play smartly enough. That is near miracle work.
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