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Thread: Post your Favourite Limited Decks!

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    Post your Favourite Limited Decks!

    So, what with Sealed and now Draft I'm sure people have had a chance to craft some really fun or interesting decks. What's been your favourite one so far? Have you discovered an awesome unbeatable archetype? Has a card you wouldn't normally consider in constructed turned out to be a secret bomb?

    Don't worry if you can't remember an exact deck list.

    My two most recent draft decks were pretty fun. One I think could easily become a known draft archetype; the other not so much! I managed to win the drafts I was in with both of these, so perhaps they have something going for them?

    The first I'm going to call "Five Colour Mediocre Stuff." This is what happens when you fail to actually get into a colour in your draft... I started out fairly strong, with some decent Diamond picks. I got some nice Sapphire to go with it, but it started to dry up a bit. So I got a few decent Ruby cards, and a few decent Blood cards, and a very late Boulder Brute... And kind of panicked, ending up taking stuff from every shard. Well, I decided. Who needs consistency anyway? I'm just going to play five colour. Lixil will thank me! Here's the deck:

    Champ: Bertram Cragraven

    2 Repel
    1 Living Totem
    1 Kraken Guard Mariner
    1 Wind Whisperer
    1 Lixil, the Deathless Gem
    1 Noble Citizenry
    1 Ascetic Aspirant
    1 Time Ripple
    1 Oracle Song
    2 Research Librarian
    1 Phoenix Guard Trainer
    1 Mystic of the Tranquil Dream (Flight Gem)
    1 Blood Aura
    1 Mazat Ranger (Swiftstrike Gem)
    1 Lord Alexander, the Courageous
    1 Assault Technician
    1 Boulder Brute (Flight Gem)
    1 Sapper's Charge
    2 Charge Bots
    1 Effigy of Nulzann (Flight Gem)
    7 Diamond
    4 Sapphire
    2 Ruby
    1 Blood
    1 Wild
    2 Shards of Fate

    Lixil never actually got to immortality, but she got close (killed with her trigger to get the last shard on the stack - I thought it might be one of those "no priority" triggers since it doesn't target, but I guess not). Kraken Guard Mariner really put in work for me, though. I had him out early nearly every game, and having all my troops with Steadfast was pretty useful. Especially when I ended up inspiring everyone with Speed, Steadfast and Flight one game! As you can see, the champ/artefacts/Research Librarians are an attempt to help make Ascetic Aspirant a reality, but that never properly came online. Still, he's not bad as a 3/4 for 4. Living Totem is obviously amazing, and won me some games.

    I wouldn't recommend trying to make a five colour deck, but if you really want to enablers like Lixil, Shards of Fate and Adaptable Infusion Device are probably a must. This deck is heavy diamond with only splashes for blood, wild and ruby, which is probably a good way to do things. It's probably best to stick to single shard thresholds, too; that Assault Technician, good though he is, was dead in my hand several times.

    Still not quite sure how I won a whole event with that deck.

    The next deck makes more sense; it's built on the "Pumpable Unblockables" idea. Key cards in such a deck would be flyers like Phoenix Guard Scout and Thunderbird, or unblockables like Infiltrator Bot, and ways to pump them up like Ruby Pyromancer, Incite Rage and Lionel Flynn. You could also do a Blood version with Wailing Banshees and so on.

    Here's my deck:

    Champ: Lionel Flynn

    1 Time Ripple
    1 Air Superiority
    1 Oracle Song
    1 Windbourne Acolyte
    1 Thunderbird
    1 Phoenix Guard Scout
    1 Mystic of the Tranquil Dream (Flight Gem)
    1 Wizard of the Silver Talon
    1 Stoneclaw Gargoyle
    2 Cloud Titan
    1 Menacing Gralk
    2 Incantation of Fury
    1 Crushing Blow
    1 Incite Fury
    1 Ruby Pyromancer
    1 Daring Swordsman
    1 Sword Trainer
    1 Master Theorycrafter (When this troop enters play deal damage equal to its power to opposing champ Gem)
    1 Command Tower
    2 Effigy of Nulzann (Flight Gem)
    10 Sapphire
    6 Ruby
    1 Shards of Fate

    Let me tell you, Lionel Flynn + Sword Trainer = awesome. Of course, I was pretty lucky having such a good deck, though I never actually got to see the Theorycrafter or the Incantations of Fury in any game. The goal, of course, is something like turn 2 Pyromancer into turn 3 Phoenix Guard (as a 3/2) then turn 4 Sword Trainer into turn 5 use Lionel on the Trainer and then drop an 11/4 Cloud Titan. I think my first pick was either the Thunderbird or the Air Superiority, and then an attempt to force flyers. I thought I might have miscalculated when few of them seemed to be coming back, but then I got a very late Cloud Titan in pack two, so maybe the packs were just a little low on them to begin with. Effigy as a 2/2 Flyer is very nice, especially with Air Superiority. Gralk certainly won me my last game - tapping down my opponent's horde of Shin'hare and become a 7/2 thanks to Sword Trainer, allowing everything to attack and then my flyers to attack to take my opponent down from near 20 in just two turns.

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    Dimmid as the hero for the life gain synergy with the paladin.

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    No one likes to post in the Strategy's and Decklist section huh.

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    I didn't write down all of my deck but in limited I did have this combo which worked pretty well. Devoted Emissary, Time Ripple, Yesterday, Buccanneer, Cloud Titan, Thunderbird, Peak and Replicator's Gambit....pretty much use Replicator's Gambit on something and then Peak to find the card...then the other cards to keep putting it in play. I actually ended up having 19 Cloud Titans one stuff for a 4/4 with Flight

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    Volcannon - enuf said
    Alpha Name: Vicksburg (hopefully will get a new name before launch).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norious View Post
    Volcannon - enuf said
    I've had a lot of success with Volcannon so far. It's definitely a fun card to draft.

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    I think the best deck that I've had was the double elimination specialist, double Volcannon deck. I don't remember the exact list but I know that it was 4 Gearsmith, 1 Technical Genius, 2 Elimination Specialist, and 17 artifacts including 2 Pterobots, 2 Volcannon, and an Ingenuity engine. Yeah, we won that draft.

    The second best draft deck that I've had featured 5 Briar Legions and an Onslaught.

    Nice thread, pretty cool to read about people's nutty draft decks.

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    1st one:
    4 briar legion
    1 Briarpatch conjurer
    3 Devoted emisinary

    2nd one:
    1 Soul marble
    5 Giant Corpse fly
    3 Noble Citizenry
    1 Oath of valour ( When this constant comes into play, name a troop you control. Troops with that name gets +2/+2)

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