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Thread: Occasional Weekday Maintenence

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    Occasional Weekday Maintenence

    As we move closer to beta, we will have occasional weekday maintenance at 2 PM Pacific (21:00 GMT). We will inform players in-game, on Twitter, and in this thread if we will be taking down any services for maintenance.
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    3/19: Tournament servers will be taken down at 2 PM Pacific as we attempt to fix a known issue with round 2 pairings not being created, and we'll also take a look at some other tournament issues. Log-in, AI games, 1v1 PVP will not be affected.

    2:00 PM - Tournament servers now down for maintenance. AI and 1v1 PVP games will be unaffected. Scheduled downtime is 1 hour.

    2:10 PM - Tournaments are now available.
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    3/20: There is no 2:00 Patch. We will have our normal weekly client patch at 10 AM Pacific (17:00 GMT) with a downtime of 3 hours.

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    3/21: We will be restarting servers and working to resolve a communication bug between offline clients, the game server as well another bug. All services will be offline. Expected downtime is 1 hour.

    2 PM: scratch that. We are applying a hotfix to servers. Players can log-in and play as normal. Thanks!

    4 PM: Live hotfixes are complete.
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    3/24: Tournament servers will be taken down at 2 PM Pacific for general stability improvements within draft.

    2:05 PM: Tournament servers are back up. Best of luck in your matches!
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    3/25: Our engineering team will spend 1 hour this afternoon pulling tournament reports. Players may notice some slower performance when in tournaments. Please remember that if you are experiencing any bugs in tournaments, please report them here:

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    3/26: No maintenance today as we focus on preparing the next patch.

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    3/27: No Maintenence today as we focus on preparing for the next patch.

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    3/28: There is no 2 PM maintenance today. It is replaced by the 10 AM client patch.

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