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Thread: My Draft Tier List, by Brynhildr/Arathil

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    Smile My Draft Tier List, by Brynhildr/Arathil

    So I've had a chance to run a few drafts, and I figured I would give my tentative input on cards and hopefully open up the discussion a little bit. I'll be updating this list periodically as I write it out for other colors/cards.

    I will only be rating commons and uncommons.

    I have rated each card on a scale of 1 to 5, with a 5 being "Excellent", and 1 being "Awful". I don't claim to be an expert, so please don't crucify me if I've made a glaringly obvious error in judgement. Thanks.

    ~*~*~*~*~TABLE OF CONTENTS~*~*~*~

    Blood Commons
    Blood Uncommons

    Diamond Commons
    Diamond Uncommons

    Sapphire Commons
    Sapphire Uncommons

    Ruby Commons
    Ruby Uncommons

    Wild Commons
    Wild Uncommons

    Artifact Commons
    Artifact Uncommons


    BLOOD Commons

    Murder.jpg Murder - 5/5 - The best removal card in the set in my opinion. Removing almost any creature at instant speed is a great tool, and with efficient total removal being so difficult to find in draft, this is a first-pick calibur card.

    Giant Corpse Fly.jpg Giant Corpse Fly - 5/5 - This guy is a card-advantage machine! He is what Wailing Banshee wishes she was. It eats an opponent's card, forcing at least a 1 for 1 trade, and then goes to work plinking your opponent for 2 each turn.

    Darkspire Priestess - 4/5 - Darkspire Priestess is a fantastic early-game drop for several reasons. As an aggressive 2/1 for 2, she can generally get a few hits in, or at least trade with most troops in her cost-range. Secondly, her ability to replace herself generates you card advantage, and makes most opponents hesistant to spend a removal spell on her.

    Blood Cauldron Ritualist.jpg Blood Cauldron Ritualist - 3/5 - This guy is pretty solid in draft. Although vulnerable to Zared, He will often force trades with higher cost creatures and is happy to gobble up obsolete minions like Moon'ariu Sensei or Shroomshaws.

    Mazat Ranger.jpg Mazat Ranger - 3/5 - I am a big fan of socketable creatures, and the reason is that they pair well with most colors. There are exceptions, but Mazat Ranger shines well as a 4/1 Flight, Ruby Evasion, or even with swift-strike. Her weakness is that a small breeze eliminates her and her 1 DEF, but she is still a solid choice for aggressive decks.

    Blood Aura - 3/5 - With most draft games being races, Lifedrain is a severely underrated mechanic. Throw this card on any evasive creature, and you have a threat that needs to be taken care of immediately or your opponent risks falling hopelessly behind in the damage race. Don't underestimate tossing this card on a Headless Executioner and going to town with him.

    Wailing Banshee - 3/5 - Wailing Banshee is a card that you are generally neutral to run in your deck. Evasion is great, but she loses a ton of value against dwarf/robot decks and should generally be sideboarded out.

    Darkspire Enforcer - 3/5 - Darkspire Enforcer is a fairly mediocre card. Many 2-cost troops are able to trade with him, which really limits his utility. As a 3/2 for 3, he is more of an aggressive card that becomes slightly better when you can fetch him with a Darkspire Priestess.

    Headless Executioner - 3/5 - Headless Executioner is a decent card, but I find he really excels when paired with cards like Wild Aura and Blood Aura. Admittably, he is a really slow card that you will groan at when you topdeck him in a losing situation, but when you are ahead, this guy is the coup de grace in most cases.

    Shadowgrove Witch - 3/5 - As a 2/4 for 4, she is merely okay, but if you get lucky and can hit on a troop with her ability, then there is definitely value there. But you need to ask yourself if you are okay with a 2/4 for 4 in the majority of cases.

    Call the Grave - 3/5 - This card has the potential for fantastic value. For starters, using it on your corpse fly brings it back for even more value, once again bringing back a 2 for 1 on your opponent. Also of interesting note is the ability to grab things from your opponent's graveyard which becomes more relevant then you think, especially with the prevalence of robots.

    Zombie Vulture - 2/5 - Zombie Vulture's DEF is too low, and her cost too high, to give her a higher score then a 2. You are taking an extremely high tempo risk by playing her for 5, without a huge payoff.

    Shroomshaw - 2/5 - Pairs well with Blood Cauldron Ritualist or Necessary Sacrifice. If you don't have a sacrifice outlet though, stay away.

    Misfortune - 2/5 - Too expensive for a paltry two damage, so you're using it to get them to discard two cards which will likely empty their hand at that stage of the game. But at 5 cost, its a huge loss of tempo and a total blank if you are running behind in the game.

    Terrible Transfer - 2/5 - Terrible Transfer is fantastic if you manage to pull off mono-blood, but in dual-shard decks, it becomes a risky card to main-deck. The 5-cost is steep for what can be either 1-5 damage depending on how many blood shards you rip off the top. It is up to you to decide whether that variance fits in your deck.

    Inquisition - 2/5 - Getting rid of your opponent's best card is nice, but it really slows down your tempo. Also of concern is the double-blood needed to cast it, which is can be a pain to get on turn 2 consistantly, and especially since generally you want to cast this card as soon as possible.

    Sorrow - 2/5 - As some posters pointed out, it has a job taking out weenie-decks and decks that have an abundance of X-1s. I generally don't mind getting one of these in 10-15th round, but I wouldn't consider main-decking it generally, as most of blood's best commons also fall in the 1 Toughness range. It can do some work against spammy dwarf decks that like to toss down a ton of gearsmiths, bombsmiths and worker bots to fuel their construction plans.

    Atrophy - 2/5 - It is hard for cards that have "Draw a card" in their text to be especially bad. Although you're paying 4 for a minor cantrip effect, it can do some work in combination with Zared's charge power. The -1/-1 is relevant more often then you think.

    Determined Zombie - 1/5 - Too weak to do his job as a blocker, and not enough damage to kill anything other then the most paltry of troops.

    Blood Bearer - 1/5 - Not a fan of this guy, or most 1 drops in Hex in general. His ability is only going to net you a couple health in a best case scenario, and he is definitely one of the weaker of shin'hare troops.
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    Sorrow is undervalued by everyone nothing personal
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamAoE2 View Post
    Terrible Transfer - 2/5 - The problem with this card is twofold. Blood suffers from a fairly poor common pool compared to the other colors which makes going mono-black nigh impossible. As a result, you will often only have 2 or 3 blood threshold available which makes this an overpriced mild removal spell. In addition, since it does not target champions, it cannot be used as a finisher which limits its utility. Still, not completely awful if you're lacking in removal.

    Inquisition - 2/5 - Getting rid of your opponent's best card is nice, but it really slows down your tempo. Also of concern is the double-blood needed to cast it, which is can be a pain since generally you want to cast this card as soon as possible.
    I was wondering how that one guy managed to draft 4 Inqui and 3 TT to compliment his Murder and Corpse Flies. Now I know.

    Realize that if you bypass mono-shard cards, that means someone else in the draft can go mono-shard against you. TT is AMAZING in a mono-blood deck, and Inqui always comes out turn 2 in a mono-blood deck.

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    DIAMOND Commons

    Repel.jpg Repel - 5/5 - This is a great removal spell that will eat your opponent's best creature at a low cost. Strongly recommended, and I consider it a strong contender for best removal in the game for limited.

    InnerConflict.jpg Inner Conflict - 5/5 - Solid diamond removal that gets rid of a creature's board presence. I'm always happy to see it come my way, and am stunned when I see it come as late as 5th or 6th in competitive draft.

    Noble Citizenry.jpg Noble Citizenry - 4/5 - I really like this guy. Great if you can combo him onto a flyer and put your opponent on the clock. He almost always puts you in a position where one of your guys is bigger then any of their guys. Pairs great with Chimera Guard Outrider to make them a beast. His 2/3 body is also still relevant as a 4 drop, often stopping aggressive 2 and 3 drops from bashing in.

    Sky'Le Griffin.jpg Sky'le Gryphon - 4/5 - I like Mystic of the Tranquil Dream, and I like this guy, although he is a bit worse due to requiring double diamond. Still, a solid choice, and pairs well with Noble Citizenry or any sort of Inspire to create an immediate board threat.

    Spearcliff Pegasus.jpg Spearcliff Pegasus - 3/5 - A cheap, aggressive 2/1 flier which are always nice. Not as good as a Corpse Fly, but still solid. It's always enjoyable to play this guy and follow it up with a Noble Citizenry to make a 4/3 flying beater. His 1 toughness makes him a risky proposition against Zared, especially if Zared is on the play and will reach his 4th charge power before you reach your 4th shard.

    Shield Trainer - 3/5 - These guys are a decent addition to most diamond decks, as they inspire any creature in the game. I'm never unhappy to get at least one of these guys in my deck, although I would avoid running multiples as he is typically useless in the late-game. With how prevalent Zared is, his ability to buff X/1s is a fairly underrated mechanic.

    Quick Strider - 3/5 - A decent card for 3, especially if you can get him going with Inspire or other pump tricks.

    Wind Whisperer - 3/5 - A little expensive, but the versatility to shut down your opponent's best blocker or disable their best attacker is really really nice. Don't underestimate this guy's impact on the board. His ability to disable up to two blockers (One at the end of your opponent's turn, and then again during your turn), is huge.

    Captain of the Dragon Guard - 3/5 - This guy is alright, he usually goes super late in drafts, so he may not be a terrible pickup to round out your deck, especially if you have dudes you'll want to get back. He really shines when you want to retrieve a giant gryphon you've buffed, or some other rare bomb that got hit with removal. Often wheels the table, so not worth an early pick

    Paladin of Nagaan - 2/5 - Not the end of the world if you have to play one of these guys, but he isn't going to do much to help you win the game. Still, he gets a horrendous rap for being a decently-sized body. Heck, he can go toe to toe with a Boulder Brute.

    Bravery - 2/5 - Small little trick that will let you trade up if you have the perfect scenario. There is something to be said for tricks that only cost 1, but I'm not a fan of it, personally.

    Radiant Armor - 2/5 - Makes one of your guys really hard to kill at the cost of a card. A below average combat trick that is unlikely to trade up for you. Rare exception being if you have a ton of chimera guard outriders.

    Grim Skull Sorcerer - 2/5 - Normally socketables are great, but his 1 ATK really limits his utility. Really his only two uses are with +1/+1 from the wild gem, or the Rage 1 from the blood gem to turn him into a turn 2 Cottontail Ronin.

    Guard Dog - 2/5 - Meh. A 3/3 blocker for 2 with absolutely no board threat at all.

    Rigid Buffalo - 2/5 - It's a Wild-Gemmed Grim Skull Sorcerer, except requiring two diamond threshold and no wild threshold.

    Reversion - 2/5 - Reversion is a powerful mechanic when included with some other benefit, but it is not worth a card when used by itself in my opinion.

    Diamond Aura - 1/5 - Way too expensive of a combat trick for a meagre +2/+2. Steadfast doesn't really even matter in most combat situations.

    Adamanthian Scrivener - 1/5 - Same problem as Blood Bearer. Potentially nets you a small amount of life and then is fairly useless for the rest of the game. Rare exception to this case is whether or not you have a couple Righteous Paladins, as the turn 2 Righteous Paladin is scary when you drop this guy on turn 1 with Dimmid.

    Protectorate Sorcerer - 1/5 - This guy is too expensive for what he does to be effective.

    Soothing Breeze - 1/5 - This card doesn't do anything to help your board position. Avoid it.

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    Hammer - I admittably don't have much experience using Sorrow in draft yet, but I feel that in order to use it effectively, you would have to manipulate the combat situation to a perfect scenario which is hard to do at basic speed. You would have to use it post-combat and hope your opponent blocks the way you want him to.

    Yoss - While any mono-deck has the potential to be powerful with the right cards, I feel it is very difficult to pull off in the current draft format. Blood's pool of cards in common are very attractive to most people looking to find a second color, and I often find that you have a large amount of competition for that shard in drafts. The odds of getting a strong mono-blood draft is very low. You can get lucky, and have it happen sure, but I just don't feel they have enough of a strong card pool to make it work very often. Mazat Ranger is also much worse in a mono-black draft, as the blood minor gems are fairly poor.

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    I've played in roughly 20 drafts so far, and I've gotta say my pick orders are very different from yours. I ought to put a list together perhaps, but for starters:

    -Atrophy ~2.5 (I will almost always play at least one copy, often times 2)
    -Sorrow ~2 (I will play one copy about 50% of the time, and I almost always want to have 2 copies out of the sideboard, it can be absolutely backbreaking in quite a few matchups) Making Sorrow work well for you is very easy to do and there are just so many GOOD one defense guys in the format that it is very often effectively another copy of burn.
    -Shadowgrove Witch I probably agree with you on, but I'm happy to play this card more often than I am Mazat Ranger

    -Vulture ~1 or less (I'm unlikely to ever play this card)
    -Mazat Ranger ~1.5-2 (sometimes this is is my 20-23rd card, but I'm never really happy about that)
    -Headless Executioner ~1 or less (I'm unlikely to ever play this card)

    In diamond it is more of the same. I'm more likely to play repel than I am inner conflict, to the extent that there have been a couple drafts where I did not maindeck conflict.

    -Bravery is not a cantrip
    -I'm more likely to play captain of the dragon gaurd than I am but it if I am running it, it is almost always my 23rd card
    -One copy of reversion is almost always maindeckable
    -I am always happy to run one copy of diamond aura as well
    -Shield Trainer is probably a conditional 1 for me, I very rarely play it, but if I do, I usually want to have 2-3 copies because I'm building some kind of shenanigans deck
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    Agreed with all your 5s.

    I'm happy to run Atrophy (4) and Sorrow (3-4). It's rare to have a game where they don't create some advantage that outweighs their cost.

    Zombie Vulture (2) and Mazat Ranger (2-3) are just too vulnerable for their cost (including dying to Atrophy and Sorrow). I don't hate them in the 20-23 slot, but they're low priority. Ranger works well in Diamond for Swiftstrike, as it makes a threat that has to be answered with removal rather than trading up with a 1/1 chump.

    Call the Grave (4) and Captain of the Dragon Guard (3) are both much better than you give them credit for, simply due to the fact that buffs stay on in the graveyard. Bringing back a mid-size troop buffed by a Citizenry or Aura is a great value for what you pay.

    Misfortune (4) can be backbreaking. It's true that it doesn't affect the board the turn you play it, but when you empty their hand and knock out their big troops, then they're losing even more tempo on their next turn.

    Repel (5) is premium removal. No reason to choose between it and Inner Conflict when they're both so good.

    Wind Whisperer (4) is really nice soft removal. You'll usually have enough mana that the 1 isn't a big issue by the late game, and keeping the opponent's best troop locked down is well worth it.

    Bravery (4) is cheap, simple, and versatile. There will always be an opportunity to save a troop from combat or removal spell dealing exactly its health in damage, and make it better in the process.

    Diamond Aura (3) suffers a bit because of the tension between wanting to play it before your attack to get the benefit of Steadfast, or waiting until after blocking as a combat trick, but it's still plenty playable. Ideal usage is as a combat trick on defense.

    Reversion (3) is very specialized, but auras are pretty commonly played, and this removes them all at a resource advantage, and there are also occasional chances to snipe a Honeycap or something. I'm usually happy to play one, and will pick up spares late in packs for sideboard. Might get better if the champion that makes Rock Elementals gets popular.

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    Sapphire Commons

    Buccaneer.jpg Buccaneer - 5/5 - I love this guy. Completely flipflops the momentum of early game, and puts your opponent on the defensive. Comes with a free 2/2 body which is enough to trade with many 2 and 3 drops in its own right.

    Thunderbird.jpg Thunderbird - 5/5 - Thunderbird is pretty insane if you play him early. Unanswered, he will end the game on his own in short order. Multiples are obviously brutal, and I consider him to be one of the best common fliers in the set.

    Mystic.jpg Mystic of the Tranquil Dream - 3/5 - When you play this guy, you'll almost always be playing it as a 2/4 flier. I am perfectly fine running this guy, as he is a durable flier that is hard to get rid of without a hard removal spell like Murder or Solitary Exile.

    PhoenixGuardTrainer.jpg Phoenix Guard Trainer - 3/5 - Solid guy that converts your guys into evasive threats if he stays on the board. I think he is a bit better when paired with Wild instead of Diamond.

    SapphireAura.jpg Sapphire Aura - 3/5 - Pretty solid trick that suddenly makes one of your guys evasive, or can be used as a mild combat trick. Works great in conjunction with cards like Air Superiority.

    Devoted Emissary - 3/5 - This guy is fairly underrated in my opinion. Besides being a 4/3 body, there is nothing more infuriating to your opponent then Buccaneering one of their men on turn 3, then following up your next turn with this guy targeting your buccaneer. Works great with other "Comes into play" effects too, like Giant Corpse Fly, or Noble Citizenry. Or Moon'ariu Sensei. Or Buccaneer. (etc)

    Mesmerize - 3/5 - The poor man's Inner Conflict. While it can shut down a creature that has an activation, it won't get rid of annoying blockers. As there aren't a huge quantity of activated creatures yet, I don't rank this one very highly on the removal scale, but it works in a pinch.

    Oracle Song - 3/5 - Its okay, but I feel like in many situations you will be surrendering a huge amount of tempo. The 3rd turn is absolutely critical in most drafts, as the big threats start appearing. Still, if you can play it comfortably without surrendering control of the board, Its a great card.

    Phoenix Guard Scout - 3/5 - I liked this guy better as a 2/2 for 3. As a 1/3 flight for 2, hes merely average.

    Countermagic - 3/5 - Keeping 3 mana open hurts in the early game, but if you have control of the board and your opponent needs to play an answer, this card is great, even better if they have multiples of that card in their deck.

    Time Ripple - 3/5 - A good trick that really steals the early game momentum from your opponent. Not quite as good as bounce spells from other TCGs, since most effects are permanant and the negative effect makes it undesirable to bounce your own guy for some reason. On the plus side, you can bounce non-creature cards.

    Gearsmith - 3/5* - This guy is an excellent card for dwarves. Great for finding and building your threats, like Volcannon or Pterobots.

    Researcher Adept - 2/5 - Not a fan of this guy, but I can see his use. I don't feel the gain of a card is worth the loss in tempo.

    Peek - 2/5 - I don't really like Peek, as generally you are only looking across 2-5 cards in most cases. I think there are better cards you'd rather use then peek.

    Windbourne Acolyte - 2/5 - A small wind kills him, but if you're going with a super aggressive deck, I guess I could see it.

    Twisted Fate - 2/5* - The thought of a mill deck is limited is pretty appealing, as these types of cards will often table sickeningly late. I'm sure somebody out there will find a good combination to make use of it with the milling champion, but it's just not for me.

    Cavern Commando - 2/5 - I could see the point to hold the fort down while you plink away with your evasive guys, but there are just so many better 3 drop choices then this guy. He's not bad in dwarves, but there are other higher quality options out there.

    Zodiac Shaman - 1/5 - For 5 cost, you should be playing something that is going to help you win. This guy sits on the board and does nothing.

    Mutate - 1/5 - Would be really good, if only it was the other way around. (+1/-1)

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    Man, all the love for Atrophy and Sorrow. I'll have to take another look at these cards.

    Quote Originally Posted by funktion View Post
    -Bravery is not a cantrip
    Bad wording on my part, I meant a trick. Clarified.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thraeg View Post

    Call the Grave (4) and Captain of the Dragon Guard (3) are both much better than you give them credit for, simply due to the fact that buffs stay on in the graveyard. Bringing back a mid-size troop buffed by a Citizenry or Aura is a great value for what you pay.
    That's a good point, I didn't think about that.

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    Wild Commons

    BoulderBrute.jpg Boulder Brute - 5/5 - This guy is probably one of the most consistently underrated cards in the game. Putting the wild spellshield gem in him makes him a threat that is hard to get rid of. Couple that with Feather Drifting Downriver, and you have a 4/4 evasive threat that trumphs almost all other fliers while being removal-immune. I would run this guy in any Wild deck. Also of note is that Spellshield only affects your opponent's effects, and you can still throw things like Wild Aura on him.

    HowlingBrave.jpg Howling Brave- 4/5 - Solid. Hard to go wrong with shard acceleration. Absolutely crippling to your opponent when played on turn 1.

    Survival.jpg Survival of the Fittest - 4/5 - This card is wild's answer for their lack of removal. You will probably use it to kill their fliers or evasive men.

    Wild Growth.jpg Wild Growth - 4/5 - Kill their guy and keep yours. A good combat trick that can be used to get that little bit of extra damage in to win the game if necessary.

    Honeycap.jpg Honeycap - 4/5* - A great card for mono-green decks, especially when accelerated by a Howling Brave. A great beater, but in anything other then mono-green, its pretty awful.

    Moon'Ariu Sensei - 4/5 - Cheap little guy that cycles through your deck, and can be fed to Blood Cauldron Ritualist. Another underrated guy that should be run in every wild deck.

    Briar Legion - 3/5* - This card can be absolutely brutal if you can get two out early. Since ALL Briar Legions upgrade after you play another one, they can rapidly get out of control. Also resistant to Sapphire's Bounce tricks, as your opponent is not going to want to make them even more lethal. I find the best way to deal with taking these guys is draft is to see if your first few packs have them, and then if they table around, you know that the draft table doesn't rank them very highly. Doing it this way ensures that you can see how many there are as well as gauge if anybody else at the table has interest. Briar Legion is a definite gamble though, and I find typically that I prefer cards with more consistancy in the draft. Still, if you're feeling lucky, go for it.

    Feral Ogre - 3/5 - I like this guy. I normally am not a fan of double-threshold 2 drops, but with mono-green being completely viable in draft, as well as Howling Brave giving you the extra threshold you need, this guy is pretty good.

    Vine Trap - 3/5 - This card is a good value. Nearly impossible to kill early. Gives you a solid defender that is a double-blocking champion.

    Wild Aura - 3/5 - Solid card that can trade up with one of their guys while giving you a huge threat. Everytime I play this card though, I'm terrified that my opponent is going to kill my creature and 2 for 1 me while also destroying my momentum. High Risk, High Reward.

    Cottontail Ronin - 3/5 - Who would have thought the extra point of toughness to this guy would have made him so much better? This guy is not half bad if you play him at the beginning of the game. I've seen this guy get to 4/2 and 5/2 routinely, and then trade with an opponent's 4 drop. Obviously sucks if you draw it late, but I think this guy isn't half-bad now.

    Tyrannosaurus Hex - 2/5 - A bit too vulnerable for 6 cost for my taste, but good to get some damage through. Not a bad 23rd card if you're looking for a late game beatstick.

    Nature Reigns - 2/5 - Sideboard card against dwarves/bots, but not a recommended maindeck.

    Evolve - 2/5 - If you have a million shin'hare, it has some mild value, but at basic speed, its not very effectual.

    Concubunny - 2/5 - This card is not very good. The strength of the shin'hare really depends on the cards they have to sacrifice bunnies to, and in draft the only real constant card you'll see is Blood Cauldron Ritualist. The ability to summon a bunny every turn (at the cost of 1 resource) is generally not worth it, since you'll need to set yourself back a turn to really get it going.

    Shroomtank - 2/5 - Slow lumbering buffoon that gives yet more fodder to Blood Cauldron Ritualist.

    Wild Child - 2/5 - Meh. Fulfills a 2 drop need, but is only likely to swing once before getting stopped by better creatures.

    Glimmerglen Witch - 2/5 - Not Terrible. Not good either. If I need a 23rd card, I'd rather run Vine Trap.

    Shin'hare Militia - 1/5 - Unable to stop anything from coming in. A chump blocker at best.

    Runts of the Litter - 1/5 - Only useful as fodder for Blood Cauldron Ritualist, and pretty useless otherwise.

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