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Thread: Not sure if a bug - terribad card draws on every game

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    Not sure if a bug - terribad card draws on every game

    I am not sure whether this is a bug or not, but it's something that's happened every single game dozens of times in a row both to me and to my roommate:

    We almost always have to mulligan one or more times, and we always get bad cards every single game. It's near impossible to win. During the beginning of the Alpha, I had a good win rate since I would get much better cards all the time and almost never had to mulligan (about once every 10 games), yet now I can't win a single game, be it sealed, draft, or constructed.

    Is this a bug, or is it normal? Because having terribad draws keeps screwing both mine and my roommate's games, we just can't win a single game. It just won't stop.

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    If you get bad cards - it means you have added them to your deck. Try making a better one

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    If you mean shard distribution in openeing hand then not an issue at all (ok, very rarely and as expected due to the nature of RNG)
    But what exactly do you mean by bad cards?

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    I mean that usually we start with decent cards or 5-7 resources, either way we mulligan if necessary, we often get good hands like two shards and 5 useful cards, but as the game progresses we usually are stuck with 2 to 4 shards for over 10 turns or we get infinity +1 shard draws instead. This happens every single game, not just every now and then. We never seem to have a regular game.

    By bad cards I obviously mean cards that are completely useless to us because it's either no shards drawn all the time or all shards drawn all the time. It's not uncommon for our games to go in a way where we get a shard draw 10 turns in a row.

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    What is your deck make up like? How many shards are you running?

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    Usually it's either a sealed deck (17-18 shards, 23 others) or a constructed deck (22-23 shards, 37 others). These are the sets I usually use for Magic the Gathering too, and they never go even close to being this badly.
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    You've just been unlucky, probably. How many games are we talking about that this has happened in? 5? 10? 20? 100? More? Out of how many?

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    Every single game in over 30-40 games, both for me and my roomie. If it gives any clues, we both play from the same network connection. The only time I've been able to win a single game was when my opponent mulliganed 3-4 times.

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    You need more resources than 22-23 unless you are running aggro. Midrange/control both need 24/25. Your champion choice is important, and in set 1 running a little draw is very useful for mitigating flood. Screw is always tough, but each deck can handle it differently.
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    If you're comparing to paper MtG, do you usually mana weave? Because Hex uses a more random shuffler than that which leads to a more random distribution of resources.
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