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    Connection Lost

    I would like to check if anyone else is also experiencing the "Connection Lost" error message. This happens every time I'm in draft (I started playing just last week). The strange part is that I'm still in the client after I close error message window, it did not kick me to the login screen. I can continue as if nothing had happened, but only up to when I finish building my deck. The first sign that something isn't right is when I click the "save and continue", the saving process would hang and never begin round 1.

    My internet has been stable and when the Connection Lost occurred my internet is not down. This would be my main concern as we enter Beta and draft is no longer free entry.

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    This has happened to me during the last four drafts I've attempted to participate in. It had never happened to me before a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes it has disconnected me in between matches, if I close out the game and reload and try to reconnect it treats me as though I've forfeited the tournament.

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    I have had it a couple time happen last couple weeks we will see after this patch. I thought maybe it was just cable company blip.

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    I was able to play successfully in a draft last night after the patch. But it was a single-elim draft, and all the ones I got disconnected from before were swiss.

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    I have also been experiencing a 5 minute connection lost issue since the start of alpha. It would only be irritating if all you had to do was force close the program and restart it but if you are in a tournament and it happens, say during deck building or in the lobby waiting for the next round, you are eliminated from that event. With beta and monetization coming this could become a problem.

    As for the cause, I was recently able to try the client on multiple computers/operating systems using the same account and network.

    Win XP, 2MB ram - 5 minute connection lost
    Win Vista, 3MB ram - no connection lost
    Win 7, 6MB ram - no connection lost

    As it seems to only happen on my XP machine, what would the system be for anyone else who is experiencing this?

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