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Thread: Chest Spins

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    Chest Spins

    Let's consolidate any info on the Chest Spins.

    So far (and correct me if i'm wrong)
    Common Chests costs 1200 GP to spin.
    Uncommon Chests costs 1800 GP to spin.
    Rare Chests costs 4500 GP to spin.
    Legendary Chests costs 30000 GP to spin.

    What i want to know is, what does the "paid spin" mean? I did a spin on a Rare chest and got "Upgrade to Legendary" and "Paid Spin".
    1. Does this mean the spin I just did was paid for? (which it wasn't)
    2. do I get a second free spin? If so, is it a free spin on the now Legendary Chest or a free spin on another Rare Chest?

    by the way, neither of these happened. I got neither a paid for spin (lost the amount of GP that i was supposed to) nor another free spin (would not let me spin a Rare or Legendary because i was out of gold) which makes me wonder... what the hell is the "Paid Spin"??

    Side note for those that do not know yet, you have to have gold to do the spins which currently you can get by winning tournaments. The gold amount at the top right does not update in real time but will update if you relog.

    I hope they get some of these ironed out before Wednesday. I would hate to be opening all of my rewards without being able to get chests out of them.

    fail spin.jpg
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    It would also be nice to track stats. EDIT: stats moved to post 11
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    I am pretty sure paid spin really means "you can pay for another spin." Some results, including failure, will lock you out of being able to spin again.

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    Not particularly fond of weird concepts like "spins" or what not, but I understand that its to be some sort of gold sink to create value that can be put into a comparable state to money.

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    I really like the idea, but I wonder how much gold will 'drop' in PvE? It seems like gold might be fairly valuable after all.
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    Gold is eventually going to be the exclusive domain of PVE, we only have gold in PVP until they introduce PVE.

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    Build it, and they will come.
    The chests are how you get money value out of gold. If people are willing to pay $$ for upgraded chests that creates a valuation for gold.

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    I hope gold has enough value that people playing for free can use the auction house to build a collection of at least rares and commons and a few legendary cards

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    My very first spin got my an Uruunaz, after about 10 spins I believe I had 2-3 Uruunas. My friend I got into the game spun with me and he kept getting resurrections, so w were both pulling legendaries like they were candy... but we were both getting the same one over and over (and different ones from each other) so not sure if we were just really lucky or things are bugged. Still if legendaries are that easy to get it will certainly change the value of them on the AH. I did mostly get fails, gold, or paid spins with my spins inbetween getting Uruunaz cards, and only got 1 chest upgrade.

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    I really have no idea what I'm doing on the WoF screen, when I drag a chest to the fountain, I get 3 buttons on the bottom of the screen but they're not labelled. The middle one seems to pay for a spin and the right one seems to take you back to the main WoF screen but there's no indication how much gold I'm spending on these chests. It's all very mysterious right now.


    In regards to legendary cards popping out left and right: If you look at the legend on the WoF screen, you'll see that many of the combinations that are currently awarding legendaries are actually supposed to be giving equipment. Since there isn't any in the game, we're getting legendaries instead. Only the horned helmet combo should be awarding a legendary.

    Stars: weapon
    Crowns: armor
    Jazz Hands: chest upgrade
    Moons: helmet
    Mushrooms: alternate art(?)
    Skulls: free card (rare?)
    Hearts: double chest upgrade
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