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Thread: Alpha -Beta Decks going away?/ QoL features

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    Alpha -Beta Decks going away?/ QoL features

    I anticipate a lot of changes from alpha to beta, but there is one thing in particular has me worried about moving forward.

    The wipe. When we lose access to all of our 4 of every copy system. This is an inevitability, I know, but recently I thought of a related issue that pops up with it. Our decks. As it has worked up until now, when cards are removed, they are removed from decks, the deck becomes invalid and there is no way to know what card was in that slot before. I know we will lose the cards but It would be nice if there were a way to save deck LISTS without having to go back and recreate them once the wipe hits, if this is even how it will be handled. I have a couple of Quality of Life (QoL) feature suggestions to solve this problem, and I hope some or all are implemented:

    1) "Grey out" unowned cards - allow us to add cards we don't own to decks, keep them invalid until we own them. this would allow us to keep the deck lists we have, even if they are all invalid. Maybe even add a % to the decks menu. "you own 78% of the cards for this deck" or something. it would also be awesome if opening packs automatically re-added the cards to your deck.

    2) Import/Export deck list button - This one I hope is implemented regardless of issue. if there were a way to click a button and output a text version of your deck, we could save all of them before the wipe hits, and then just re-import them when we own the cards. It could be any type of file, but a text file would also have the added bonus of letting us post decks to other locations easily. it would also allow for player made deck builders that could be used offline when the hex servers are down, or when we have no internet connection, then simply upload them when we're ready to play them.

    I hope I can get a CZE response to this before the wipe, so I know whether or not I should start frantically writing down my 100+ deck lists the old fashioned way.
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    Yes I too was wondering if. I need to document my decks, although I wasn't considering any alternatives besides just writing stuff down.
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    Everything will be wiped even your friends list, if you want your decks write them down

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    I don't think they should spend any significant development time on features like carrying forward decklists from alpha to beta, as that's a one-time transition and there won't be any further wipes going forward, so it's a waste.

    That said, both of these ideas would be nice to have in their own right somewhere down the road. #1 would be very helpful when putting together a deck to have a "shopping list", maybe with an easy way to click through to find those cards on the AH.

    Actually, I'll take the idea of putting cards you don't own in decks one step further. I think now that the test-draw feature is no longer VIP-only, a really cool value-add proposition along the same lines for VIP subscribers would be the ability to test out decks with cards you don't own in casual games against friends or the AI. Basically the equivalent of proxying cards to see how they fit together in a deck before you go buy them.

    Also, rather than documenting your decks "the old-fashioned way", it would be much quicker to just take screenshots of each of them.

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    The friends list though...come on....that should stay.

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    I get the sense CZE is very busy, so this is probably something they shouldn't spend any time on IMO. That print screen thing above is the way to go.

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    Meatchip: The accounts are already in the "new system", so anything we do to change our old accounts now won't change anyway. If you added friends from now it wouldn't effect the version of your account on the beta hardware so they probably just figured a "start over" is no worse than a rollback.

    But our accounts are being reset altogether to allow people to pick new keep names (which many people will desire anyway) and this process already clears your collection and friends list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingMeatchip View Post
    The friends list though...come on....that should stay.
    It's a completely new server. They are re-creating your account essentially. It's easier for them to just set up the new account info without worrying about copying too much over.

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    I don't want to lose keep name

    Hopefully it's a choice... No point being first in alpha to pick keeps then have them taken away by late comers...
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