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These are all great tips for winning more consistently! I think you're kind of missing the point...

"I have 3 extra turns left and 17 time bugs on the field... The AI is at 3 life... I think I'll just attack with 2 to see if I can get 30 out!"
-Me, vs the AI

but seriously, the extra gambits are there for many reasons, I once replicated a worker bot, played yesterday during my opponent's turn, and transformed the transcended in 1 turn very easily. Also, if you use gambit, the way the UI works now, the time bug that gets replicated is always added to the bottom of the list, it is very easy to find.

I did this deck with a Kraken too, which I also replicated, but it was more fun to swarm time bugs I think... I just tried to maximize the chances of pulling off the combo, not really very concerned with how to win. ^_^;
EDIT: I also completely forgot that The transcendent is himself a 5/6, quite a decent beater if you've already got extra turns from time bug swarming.

I like to set achievements for myself like "Find an infinite turns combo" or "Eye of Creation for 10 by turn 3" or "Create a deck with exactly 4 of every card (even sources) that can win."

My next self inflicted achievement: Try to "Win the game using 'Sliver of the Immortal Spear' in a deck that doesn't contain 'Sliver of the Immortal Spear'"
You'd have to use ingenuity engine and dopple gadget, probably need the transcended. I think really, any game achievement you want would be most easily accomplished using the transcended to give you infinite turns and all the time in the world to pull off your crazy schemes using his search abilities.