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Thread: How many primals did you get!

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    5/155 =D Still have a Dungeon Crawler that I haven't redeemed yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deox View Post
    Got 9 out of 155
    Is that with or without the +1 for free?

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    8/465 (3 Pro Player Tiers. Without the guaranteed 3. With those its 11)

    Could have been better but worse as well, I guess. Luckily 3 drafts a week for life are plenty of options for additional primals

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    Quote Originally Posted by deox View Post
    Got 9 out of 155
    Your primal rate is 900% better than mine. This was not a good start for me luck wise

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    I got 5 plus the 1 bonus. I have 725 cards in my collection though which seems like it should be more than double what I should have for a single king tier. I know the 5 starter decks and the alt art cards make up like 310 so where are all the other ones from?
    Haven't opened any packs not even primal packs yet

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    Do you need to log in again to see how much primal packs you got? Else I got really unlucky and didn't hit any primal pack whatsoever (besides the 1 guaranteed via kickstarter rewards)

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    3/155, plus the one guaranteed.

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