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Thread: How many primals did you get!

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    22/710, including the ones from my DL, PP, PP, COL


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    only the free one. so 1 out of 156

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guap View Post
    I got 5 plus the 1 bonus. I have 725 cards in my collection though which seems like it should be more than double what I should have for a single king tier. I know the 5 starter decks and the alt art cards make up like 310 so where are all the other ones from?
    Haven't opened any packs not even primal packs yet
    If you have nothing, you get 400 resource cards base, plus the one starter deck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorpal View Post
    If you have nothing, you get 400 resource cards base, plus the one starter deck.
    Oh! Thanks for clarifying I didn't calculate the 400 resource cards

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    Pro Player tier, got 2 out of 155 packs, plus the guaranteed primal. Looks like below average luck for me, but oh well, at least 1 of my legendaries was Vampire King.
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    3/90 + 1 guaranteed

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    At a 2% rate, with the 1 guaranteed for king and above, getting 4 packs for 155 is pretty much precisely average, so I suppose I can't complaint.

    Basically if you get one every 50 packs you're in solid shape.

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    This thread is making me realise that Set 1 packs are actually going to have some worth on the AH. I'm surprised so many people are opening them all! Colin (and others) was right >.>

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    You get Primals when you buy packs/they are generated, not when you open them.

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    2 for 155 King's lot + 1 guaranteed
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