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Thread: Pack numbers in Stash / Open Packs screen

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    Pack numbers in Stash / Open Packs screen

    Took a quick glance, didn't think I saw this mentioned already, sorry if it has been!

    I have everything from my King tier just fine, thankfully. I went ahead and paid for a VIP since I'm likely to stay with it anyway ;o But I noticed something odd...

    I realized logging out and in would probably show the VIP status and nab my pack somehow, so I used the "Logout" option in the menu rather than exiting the game client. When I logged back in, all of my stash items (boosters, primals, and tickets) were exactly doubled. Same for the "Open Packs" screen as well. In fact, doing this another time will re-add the same amount again -- I imagine it's just reloading the number and adding it to a value that isn't cleared correctly after a log out.

    Restarting the client entirely will fix this easily, of course, so it's not a major issue for now, but I'm wondering if logging in to different accounts would make things messy.

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    Mine weren't exactly doubled, but the two times I've re-logged, my pack and primal pack counts have gone up.

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    This is a known issue when re-logging without closing the client.

    Thankfully, it is a client-side display issue only.

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    Does it also affect the starting pack count? I logged in for my wife and applied her champion code, and it said she received 3 primal packs from it - but Champions only get 1 primal pack

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    All Set 1 packs granted through KS reward codes have a chance to grant primals, in addition to the guaranteed one from the stretch reward.

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    Each of the packs from you get from the kickstarter has a chance to be a Primal.

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    Looks like people are getting more than 1 primal pack from their KS code, without opening regular boosters at all... The exact number looks variable, but it's worth a look from the devs I think.

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    That is how it is supposed to work. Primal Packs are generated when you receive a pack not when you open them, all the KS packs we received were eligible so people will get variable amounts.

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