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Thread: two AI challenge hangs at "synching"

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    two AI challenge hangs at "synching"

    "synching" appears to be a typo. AI challenge duel hangs reported through in game option.

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    3 AI games attempted so far

    1 - Hung at Synching after turn 2
    2 - Only got 6 visible cards in my hand without any mulligan, hung while waiting for a defence response to my attack about turn 3
    3 - Completed! Yaaaay!
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    each game appeared to hang in either my or AI's attack phase. i too completed and won my third attempt. AI had 7 mana up on a red deck and didn't play a card. i imagined an employee taking control and pity and letting me win because the previous two attempts bugged out.

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    I've just had another 3 hanging AI games. The server it lives on is definitely not happy.
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    Probably being hammered since tournaments are down.

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    We are aware of, and looking into, this issue.

    Thanks for the report!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DionyzRex View Post
    We are aware of, and looking into, this issue.

    Thanks for the report!
    i will assume it was you sitting on a mountain of ruby mana and letting me win.

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    That does sound like me.

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    Had the same thing happening: One game (out of five) was hung up with a "synching" message, three hung up on my turn in Main Phase One, not producing the priority button.

    The last one just advanced without me because I had tabbed out and lost automatically ;-).
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