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Thread: Consolidated FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide for Beta

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    Updated Post #2 to reflect information regarding Tier stacking

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    Great job maintaining this post, really, top notch.
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    Hey thanks Gwaer Hopefully can get a staff to verify the stacking details when they are able to

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    Looking good UDareUTake!

    Note that i keep a similar consolidated list with the current critical bugs:
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    - 1 Free Draft per week for 1 Year ( Collector,RL,DC,GM)
    - +100% Extra Loot Drop from Dungeon Bosses for Life
    The 1 Free Draft per Week for 1 Year has been stated by Shaqattaq to not stack. It's posted in a thread somewhere on the forum. ^^;

    The +100% Extra Loot Drop from Dungeon Bosses for Life has been stated not to stack during the Kickstarter. I believe Cory was the one who talked about it during an interview and/or also on some Hex Q&A somewhere.

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    Ok! thanks Kami, will update accordingly

    Alright dwebber, I'll take note of your thread as well and will probably add it at the top post

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    Thanks for putting this together, it's extremely informative and could help a lot of people.

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    Thank you for the guide. I appear to be experiencing all of the problems listed. :/

    Loosely related question regarding accounts. Is there anything special or unique for kickstarter accounts prior to entering a reward code? In other words, if I have two accounts one from a slacker backer and one from a higher kickstarter tier, does it matter which account I apply my codes on?

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