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Thread: Consolidated FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide for Beta

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    Consolidated FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide for Beta

    In view of people all sending support tickets and flooding the system, I'll do a short troubleshooting posts for people to attempt and try before sending in a ticket, hopefully more ppl gets to play and can get a slight load off the support system, ( even 1 helped is good enough right? )

    For Issues regarding certain bugs experienced in the game, there is a separate thread maintained by dwebber that keeps track of current bugs ->

    Problem : I did not receive the kickstarter reward codes!

    1. The mail was sent out by into the email that you pledged your tier with,
    For Kickstarter backers, it is the email account u used for Kickstarter when you backed.
    2. Check your Junk/Spam Folders
    3. For gmails Check under the Promotion Tab

    4. If trying the above and you are still missing your reward codes, file a support ticket.

    Problem : Yes I found my reward codes but I am Unable to Log in!!!

    1. Please ensure that you are downloading the correct client, click the download link in the same mail with your kickstarter reward codes

    How your launcher should look like

    2. Ensure that your password is correct by logging into

    3. After successfully downloading the correct client, and ensuring that your password is correct, if when attempting to log in, the loading data bar loads for like 1 small bit and you get sent back to the login screen.
    Please add hex.exe and the patcher file under the trusted files for your antivirus and/or firewall and try again.

    4. If still unable to log in and have experience any other types of errors, file a ticket with support
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    Problem: Where do I redeem my kickstarter codes? Why cant I claim my kickstarter codes??

    1. After logging into the game, click the store tab on the top, and there will be a redeem code section on the right.

    2. After clicking on redeem code, just copy/paste your kickstarter reward codes into the bar and redeem,
    *Note remember to exclude the tier name (e.g Grand King), just copy/paste the code itself

    3. If there still is a problem with redeeming your kickstarter reward codes, file a ticket

    Problem: I successfully claimed my kickstarter codes, but I am missing some cards/packs/Decks etc

    1. Kindly click the link to check what are the stuff that you are supposed to receive
    *Note you will only receive those in GREEN , those in white, you will receive at a later date

    2. If you are missing a starter deck or cards in your stash, exit your hex client and re-enter and the cards should be there.

    3. If there are still any missing items, file a ticket

    Problem: I refreshed my client but Where are my Starter Decks?!?

    1. First go to your Card Manager Tab

    2. Then at the middle left of the screen, click on the cogwheel and select Load

    3. A Deck List window will pop out

    4. If your starter decks are still missing, File a ticket.

    Problem: Unable to create a support account

    If anyone is having trouble creating a Support Account because they are not getting any validation/confirmation emails, they should use either a gmail or hotmail email account instead.

    This will at least get you a Support Account with which you can raise support tickets to let them know that your regular email account isn't getting any emails they send. (Like the ones you need to get in order to change your password.)
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    *If there are any mistakes or if there are any additions you would like to be listed, Let me know and I will update the post accordingly*

    *Would be good if a staff can verify the list as well

    Confirmed Items that STACK from your kickstarter tiers into one account
    - Booster Packs/Primal Packs
    - All the PVP/PVE cards
    - VIP
    - 3 Free Booster Drafts from Squire and higher
    - 1 Free Draft per Week for LIFE
    - 6 New AA PvP Cards per Year for Life ( Collector, Grandking and above)
    - 1 Free Draft per week for 1 Year ( Collector,RL,DC,GM) -confirmed by Cory

    Confirmed Items that DON’T STACK from your kickstarter tiers into one account
    - Deck Sleeves (Currently shows multiple copies, require clarification)
    - +10% PvE Experience for ALL Members of the Guild Master’s Guild for Life
    - KS Exclusive tournament for Pro Player Tier (winner gets 4 of every card at release)
    -<Raid Leader>’s Blessing
    - +100% Extra Loot Drop from Dungeon Bosses for Life

    Items Pending Clarification
    - Mercenaries from stacking various tiers
    - Equipments/crafting material
    - Accounts Flagged as KS backers are able to get hexcon exclusives credited to them, will those stack?
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    Excellent guide, UDare! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!
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    Thanks feel free to share any other problems you faced or seen other ppl faced and the solutions to them.

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    Yeah, nice job!

    Now we just need to get people to read the forums!
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    Yeah, I believe most of the problems people are facing right now can be solved pretty quickly.

    Hopefully with a central thread for people to do their troubleshooting, lesser repeated tickets would be filed so the staff can actually get to those people who really need assistance from their end alot faster.

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