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Thread: Dwarf Help

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    Dwarf Help

    I have been trying to make a halfway decent tribal deck and so far Dwarves really seem to be the way to go.

    I thought I would post and see what you guys may tweak.

    Basic strategy is pop out bots and build on them.

    Betram (Maybe Farhny for Removal)

    15x Ruby
    9x Saph

    4x Charge Bot (Might be better cards for this spot)
    4x War Machinist
    4x Rocket Ranger
    4x Master Theroycrafter (Ruby Destruction) [open to thought on other gems]
    3x Eurig
    4x Elimination Specialist
    2x Assualt Technician (Divided on this card)

    3x Shrine of Prosperity (charges for more bots)
    4x Volcannon
    4x Ingenuity Engine (fun but probably needs replacing)

    So tell me what you would change. Haven't had a ton of problems with control decks though soul marble gives problems. Won't be a teir 1 deck but I want at least one tribal deck that can compete. Deck is Slowwwww to play. Flying kills this deck.

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    I really love Eurig and the Theorycrafter, but in my experience they are too slow and too vulnerable in a dwarf decks. In alfa I did pretty well with War Hulk plans, Rocket Ranger and Volcannon as the main win-cons with a few Scrap wielders as extra finishers and then lots of cheap dwarfs, robots and artifacts. Still vulnerable to extinction though.
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    My suggestion is to have some more artifacts. Pterobot is a must in this type of deck. The more dwarfs/robots on the field, the cheaper it is. This will also help with your flying issues. Construction Plans: War Hulk, Eternal Guardian, Droo's Colossal Walker, Technical Genius, Gearsmith, and Slaughtergear, Renegade War Factory would also work with this type of deck depending on how you want to play this. I know Eternal Guardian is a Lengendary and maybe hard to get in a pack, but you will love him in this deck especially if you have two on the field.

    Cards that you could remove some/all copies of from the deck are Elimination Specialist, Assualt Technician, Master Theroycrafter, and Volcannon. The deck you listed has too many 4 and 5 drops which is why it plays really slow. You need something like a bell curve for most decks to work. So, maybe something like 2 Master Theorycrafter and 2 Elimination Specialist would work better.

    As for Volcannon, it is better in a deck that uses other cards that do not tap to cause damage like Turreted Wall, Malfunctioning War Bot, and War Machinist.

    I hope this helps you in your quest to get a better dwarf deck.
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    if you do not play gearsmiths you should drop sapphire and go mono ruby
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eierdotter View Post
    if you do not play gearsmiths you should drop sapphire and go mono ruby
    I am a big fan of Dwarf decks to, and agree with the above.
    Some thoughts -
    • Pterobot is amazing, take 4
    • Drop all ingenuity engines - Yes it is fun, but only for casual play. It nets no real advantage and is very hard to get online.
    • You probably only need 3 Volcannons (mainly due to the cost)
    • You might want to run 3 malfunctioning robots as two drops
    • Another card to consider is Turreted Wall.
    • As mentioned above, you could always load up on damage by going for Droo's and playing the 1 drop that untaps target artifact.

    Why do this? This deck is less problematic vs extinction control. The Pterobots become less effective, but everything else is fine. You will have a lot of direct damage going pure red. Other cards to consider - 4x burn, (its all round better than sapper's charge). Heat wave to counter flood against you. Secret Labs (maybe 2)

    Issues - Red lacks card draw, and you have a funky curve. Your deck is bursty and relies on many tiny combos, and enemy creatures being tapped.

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    Yes, Gearsmiths is a must imo. Pterobots...yes they are good if you are trying to do a midrange strategy. They can be a win-con against non-control decks, but they don't pack that hard a punch and post-extinction they are probably too expensive to get out. I used them in my mono-sapphire dwarf deck, but they were too slow in my aggro-ish S-R version.

    I think the challenge with artifact decks is to make them streamlined, there is lots of fun stuff to choose from, but to make them effective you really need to focus your playstyle and cut everything that doesn't support your strategy.
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    I can agree with that Tinfoil. The coolest thing I've done with a gearsmith so far is replicators gambit one. If you draw it, you can pretty much cycle your deck for all of your artifacts. If you play a deck with replicators gambit, I suggest going low curve with Pterobots and Technical Genius with heavy focus on card draw, you'd be surprised how early you can get these out. Often times turn 3 drops.

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    Here's a list:!/deck=6063

    IMO, you are going combo, so swing for the fence and go for synergistic interaction:
    1. Droo's + Dwarven Turbine
    2. Pterobot and most of the deck
    3. War Machinist and charge power
    4. Volcannon and Dwarven Turbine (coupled with charge power is very resistant to Extinction blowout)
    5. Droo's + Volcannon for the last 3 damage lulz (Magical Christmas land, admittedly)

    I like the Countermagic because, once you get your synergy(ies) online, you need to protect each piece. War Machinist is probably the silliest part, and may even be cut for a mono-sapphire version that runs Peek instead to fish for the last combo piece. This looks like it would be a super fun deck to play, and only requires one rare (a precon at that), so it is crazy cheap. Maybe I'll give it a go tonight after work and report.
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    I played a few games with the above list. The only important thing I was missing was three Turbines, which definitely affect the usefulness of a playset of Droo's. Anyway, it was fun and somewhat competitive. Maybe, with some tweaking, Dwarves could be a solid tier 2-2.5 strategy. I've been spoiled playing DB control...
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    Actually I have found that Droos and Volcannon don't go that well together. They are both 5-drop win-cons powered by dwarven turbines, so they compete with each other. But maybe that was just in my setup.

    btw - I think there is a viable extinction-proof dwarf deck out there using robot factory and Volcannon, but I havn't found it yet.

    @nico - thats a pretty cool combo with Volcannon, though I can probably never bring myself to trust a card like replicators gambit
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