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Thread: Is Hex still down atm?

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    Patch keeps stopping at 46.48 % on sharedassets1.assets

    Restarted 3 times now

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    Instead of restarting, wait a while longer, Sharedassets can take a while to load in...

    as it was with Alpha...

    i believe bij restarting it the entire sharedasset will start from 0

    If it really is getting stuck for ever, repair install could be helpfull

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    yeah also have the shared assets problem, it takes tons of time xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirouss View Post
    yeah also have the shared assets problem, it takes tons of time xD
    My guess is, that is where they keep all the secret cards they dont want us to have right now :O

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    it sort of goes for 1/2% then stops for 1 minute then patches tiny bit more then repeat

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    Well you could always try and repair install if you think its stuck at the same percentage, but that might take a while as well..

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    patcher seems ok now =)

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    Yeah tournaments should still be down, but the rest of the game should be more playable.

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    Mac Patcher still not working

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    How can you patch? My client is still saying retry, retry, retry.

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