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    Street Fighter Deck-Building Game

    So I got the game at launch and really like the new mechanics. My SO hasn't really come around to it yet, partly because she doesn't know the license as well and partly because the heroes don't have an always on ability which makes deck synergy as clear as the DC DBGs. Here are some quick thoughts:

    - The under the Superhero Line-Up is a great addition (but you can miss out on it using it almost completely without grabbing the right cards)
    - Ultra's are great but the counterattacks don't tend to trigger that often (or honestly hit that hard).
    - That said, some of the Ultra's seem way more devastating than other (the discard x cards one's in particular)
    - Cards tend to be more balanced and there are some fantastic cards that only cost 2.
    - There is a lot of repetition . Several more cards have 5 copies in the deck.
    - The variable cost cards are not as stacked as those in Heroes Unite (mainly due to the repetition)
    - Locations are crazy strong and scale at a pretty intense rate.
    - I'm conflicted on the ability to play weaknesses to get them out of your deck but it seems to work in the confines of the game.
    - Putting a youtube megamix of Street Fighter BGM adds a lot to the experience

    Some of my favorite cards so far are Sonic Boom (destroy a card or +2 power) and Cammy Delta Red (put a location directly in play if you beat a stage boss that turn). What are other peoples thoughts?

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    How do I feel about Street Fighter? Umm, let me start by letting you know how I feel about the points you made, and then if I have anything to add on top of that I'll do it at the end.

    1) The Super Hero Line-Up is really cool. I like how it interacts in the middle of the turn as well.
    2) I've gotten the counter-attacks to trigger a decent amount because there is more attacking in this game than in DC Comics DBG, but the abilities do go off way less than the Super Hero abilities from DC Comics.
    3) You have to consider the strength of the Ultra card and Super Hero ability together as they come in a package, but I agree that there is a lack of balance. Still, nobody is really OP because the Super Heroes just aren't strong enough to take over a game.
    4) I feel like there is less power to be had in Street Fighter, so a 2 Power card is actually like a 3 Power card from DC Comics DBG IMO. I disagree with the balance between the cards. For instance, Chun Li's 7 power card is really weak. 7 Power is probably equivalent to about 9 or 10 power in DC Comics DBG, and yet the card can completely miss. And even if it hits, it usually comes at the cost of being able to get something awesome because it still didn't actually give you power. I have no clue why you only gain the cards instead of having them go to your hand. There are some good 2 Power cards like you said (it kind of reminds me of the DC expansion in that way), and there are other cards that are massive for like 3-4. (I'm thinking of the one that lets you play a card twice.) Like I've said in regards to DC, though, it's okay to have some cards that are stronger and others that are weaker because all players have access to all of the cards.
    5) I agree. My theory is that this game was made with an expansion in mind. In some ways I think the game feels like it's missing the expansion, but it is still fun and I think if they make an expansion it will be amazing, unlike DC where the base game was amazing IMO but the expansion was good.
    6) They certainly learned from past point cards. The point cards in this game are much more balanced. Some of the * VP cards are fun and interesting as well.
    7) I think this is a matter of perspective. I actually think they are pretty weak, but if you get a bunch of them out in a long game then they can get ridiculous. I don't really think these Locations should be compared to the Locations of DC, though. I'll just leave it that.
    8) I think the Weakness thing is necessary. Having a 4 card turn hurts you much more in this game because getting power is so much more difficult, and there is so much more attacking. There was one attack where I gave out 12 weaknesses total (I think?) to my opponent's and there is the potential to give out many more than that in one turn for some Super Heroes in a 5 player game.
    9) I haven't thought about that, but YES!!!!

    Cammy is a really cool card. Ken's 4 power card can be ridiculous, too, although it doesn't give you much power. I put some things in another thread and I don't know if you saw them or not, but why didn't they call the Super Heroes Street Fighters? That was a big mistake IMO. I also wish there was more counter-attacking to set off more chains. The Ultra Cards are awesome, though, and there is a lot to like about this game. I'm really happy that it's not just a re-skinned DC. It's obviously it's own game.

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    Well, the Chun-Li 7-cost action is exactly like the one for Wonder Woman, which acquired all villains in the lineup. Made sense to me.

    As for not renaming the Superheroes as Street Fighters, they're doing that because SF and DC are actually compatible to play with each other. Which is weird, because when I think SF, I think Marvel, not DC.

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    Great points, atheist4thecause. I can see what your saying about the 2 power ones feeling like 3 power. Cards like Hadoken feel even more powerful than Super Strength.

    I played a few more games this weekend and I've found that the strength of SF DBG is that it gets better with more people. Most of the attacks you need to pick a foe which a) makes the dynamics more competitive/hilarious and b) really makes the Ultra attacks stand out. With the DC DBGs you have certain cards that become better with more people (Starro, Joker, Brainiac) but I find it at it's best with 2 to 3. SF DBG was a blast with 4 (especially having since 2 of us ganged up on the person that was schooling us) and I'm looking forward to trying it with 5. I also missed in my first few games that defending with an Ultra also lets you draw a card after shuffling back in which makes them even more useful than I previously thought.

    It does feel like there is room for an expansion (lots of Third Strike and Alpha characters are ripe for the picking). I hope it will sell well enough to warrant one.

    Quote Originally Posted by mistervader View Post
    Which is weird, because when I think SF, I think Marvel, not DC.
    True, and now that you mention it, I really would love a Mortal Kombat DBG

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    I really like the Counter Attacks in this game. I do wish they were a little more potent though. Only once has a counter attack stopped someone someone from defeating the stage when they had no defenses. On the flip side, if the counter attacks were more powerful then you would almost have to have a defense card in reserve, and then the game might take a long time. But at the very least I wish the counter attacks against other players had more of an impact.

    (By the way, it wasn't clear from the rules what you do with the "super villain" when you fail to clear the you shuffle him/her back into the stack, leave him/her on top face up?)

    We have only played a few times so far, but so far I like E.Honda's Ultra card the best.
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    You don't flip up a Boss/Super-Villain unless you have enough Power to beat the Location.
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    Bought the game yesterday and managed to play two games of it tonight with my regular board games group. We've all played the DC deckbuilder many times (although without the recent expansion) and love the game system.

    REALLY liked the new mechanics for the Street Fighter game. The Ultra cards are a nice idea; would be nice to see more released in future expansions for existing characters, i.e. having multiple signature moves.

    We have a couple of rules questions though: when you play a card with the Attack ability, do you have to resolve the Attack part, and with Ultras do you have to attack as many players as possible or can you pick and choose? Probably a stupid question as I most likely missed it in the rulebook.

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    If you play an Attack, you must attack. If you don't want to attack, just hold the card in your hand and discard it at the end of your turn. Instead of holding them, try playing a weaker attack first, to get someone to use up their Defense card. Then hit them with the bigger effect.

    All but 1, maybe 2 Ultras Attack ALL foes. The only way it doesn't is if it says. "Choose any number of foes" or something like that. Most say "Each foe."
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    so what happens when, lets say, you have 8 power to defeat the location and then you flip over Dhalsim. You have no defense for his counter attack and you have to remove a card from the 8 power which is lets say a 2 power card which leaves you with 6 power. do you not defeat the stage then?

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