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Thread: wild/diamond deck

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    wild/diamond deck

    Hey i was hoping to find some professional help in regards to my deck.

    I think it has stood up to some pretty heavy hitters but I have no idea why. I just kinda put some cards together to see if they stuck.

    Champion: Running Deer

    4x Pack Raptor
    3x Princess Victoria
    1x Lord Adam, the Powerful
    1x Jadiim
    1x His Majesty, King Gabriel

    1x Bottled Vitae
    2x Incantation of Savagery
    1x Oakhenge Ceremony
    3x Chlorophyllia
    1x Shrine of Prosperity
    2x Sliver of the Immortal Spear
    4x Soothing Breeze
    1x Soul Marble
    4x Turbulence
    1x Blessing the Fallen
    2x Circle of Preservation
    1x Crash of Beasts
    2x Evolve
    1x Solitary Exile
    1x Wind of Change
    1x Angelic Ascension
    1x Onslaught
    1x Gigantify

    8x Diamond Shard
    4x Shards of Fate
    8x Wild Shard


    your honesty is appreciated.

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    The cards that stand out the most to me that I think should be replaced are circle of.preservation, sliver of the immortal spear, and soothing breeze, as well as cutting a turbulence or two. Playing twenty resources is pretty aggressive, so I would suggest adding some as well as maybe adding howling brave. I would also try to find a solid three costing trrop that would take advantage of the lifedrain you get from victoria. A solid body that comes to mind is glimmerglen witch. Im going to assume you don't have access to playsets of rates/lgendaries, but if you do sorry for my assumption. It would help if you posted your green and white rates (and artifacts if you want) and we can go.further from there.

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    I would definitely replace the slivers with the cloud knights. Then other cards I would consider adding are 3-4 glimmerglen witch as well as the droo's walkers. Probably can do -4 Soothing Breeze and -2 Turbulence for 4 witches and 2 walkers.

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    Agree with the above.

    I would also loose Princess Victoria and Blessings of the fallen. I don't think you need that much life. Instead I would add Living Totem, Mystic Spiritwalker and Chaos Key. I would also consider sideboarding Winds of Change to make room for something less situational.

    But four Raptors, Jadiim and Gabriel is pretty nice
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