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Thread: Cant See Who Mystic Spiritwalker Targets On Busy Board

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    Cant See Who Mystic Spiritwalker Targets On Busy Board

    Played a game today when my opponent attacked with loads of creatures as well as Mystic Spiritwalker. I could not tell which card he was targeting )to protect from damage) could not be seen with all those blue lines going all over the place target my hero. In fact I tried to take a closer look but the stack just disappeared without me pressing anything.

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    Yea Mystic Spiritwalker + Veteran Gladiator both have targeting abilities that disappear off the chain really quickly without any way to respond, I was pretty sure this bug had already been reported quite a while ago however? I could be wrong, but if it hasn't that would be why I haven't reported this myself :P

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    Yep, I reported this a short time ago:

    I am glad that you brought it up again, as there weren't any responses confirming it when I initially posted (I didn't imagine it after all!).

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