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    Post Unofficial Features & Milestones List

    Please help me build a list of all the stuff we know is coming, the stuff we hope is coming, and the order we want it in (no dates). This can serve as a visual representation of where we've been and where we're headed. Links to sources would be awesome; I've included some, but more is better.

    The following is a ranking of features, ordered for my preference of implementation order. Bug reporting and fixing is taken for granted at every step, realizing that CZE has multiple teams working on different aspects simultaneously. All rankings are open for debate, and please let me know what I've left out. (They'll still be my personal ratings, but I can certainly be influenced by your feedback.)

    Color code:
    Blue: implemented
    Black: officially planned (possibly unknown details)
    Green: not officially planned (wish list)

    1. Base client with login and chat (link)
    2. Deck Creation (link)
    3. Socketed Cards (link)
    4. Manual-challenge 1v1 PVP (link)
    5. Auto-challenge 1v1 PVP (link)
    6. Friend List (link)
    7. Ignore list
    8. Synchronous 8-man Constructed (v817)(link)
    9. Synchronous 8-man Sealed (v821)(link)
    10. Ability to reconnect (v821)
    11. Auction House & Economy preview (link)
    12. Sleeves (v825)
    13. Draft (v826)
    14. Mail (v826)
    15. All PVP Cards available (v828)
    16. All gems available (v828)
    17. All PvP champions available (v828)
    18. Mac Support (link)
    19. Swiss Tournaments (v830)
    20. Stash (v0.9.0.003)
    21. Chest drops (can't open)
    22. Platinum (v828)
    23. Store (v828)
    24. Pack-opening (v828)
    25. Tournament Fees (v830)
    26. Tournament Reward Packs (v830)
    27. Copy accounts to the GO-LIVE servers

    1. System down, Wipe, & Go Live (link)
    2. Promo code redemption (KS rewards, mercs, etc) (link)
    3. Alternate Art cards (check the 4-of rule) (link)
    4. Gold as drops from PvP (link) (link)
    5. Slot Machine for Chests (link) (link)
    6. VIP program boosters (link) (link)
    7. Auction House (link)
    8. Starter Deck Trials (link)
    9. Tutorials (link)
    10. 128 Player Tournaments (link)
    11. VIP program perks (link)
    12. Player-to-Player Item Mailing (link)

    1. view unowned cards in deck manager
    2. In-Draft Tooltip (link)
    3. PvE Arena (link)
    4. Equipment (link)
    5. C.O.D. Mailing (link)
    6. Informational API (link)
    7. PvP Set 3: Armies of Myth (link)
    8. Extended Art (link,link)
    9. Chest Opening & Trading (link)
    10. Authenticators (link)
    11. Sealed Gauntlet (link)
    12. Contstructed Gauntlet (link)
    13. Earning Special Event Rewards In-Client (GenCon, etc) (link)
    14. Massive Tournaments (link)
    15. Deck ID tracking for 3rd party tournaments (11/10/2015)
    16. Variable Champion Starting HP (12/9/2015)
    17. Increase to 17 Cards in Booster Packs (12/9/2015)
    18. Name Change & Significant Nerf to Lotus Garden (12/9/2015)

    1. Chronicles of Entrath, Chapter 1 (1/26/2016, link)
    2. Remainder of KS PvE cards (4/7/2016)
    3. Remainder of KS PvE cards' equipment
    4. Spectral Oaks
    5. PvP Set 4 (link)
    6. Mercenaries (link)
    7. Ranger Class
    8. Rogue Class
    9. Warlock Class
    10. Strongholds (link)
    11. Consumables (link)
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