Display Name: Wolfmane

Bug Description: I was in a proving grounds AI match, when I received a winner notification for a booster draft tournament that I had been eliminated from. The pop up window with the prize notification resolved as normal, and the winner notification window stayed visible for about another 5 seconds after the prize window had gone away. Once both windows had gone away, I found that I was unable to play any cards from my hand, though the next phase button continued to work. When the notification occurred, I was in the process of drawing a card, which I believe wound up being a green shard. After the windows went away, and I realized that I couldn't play cards, I progressed through the phases until it was my turn again. I drew a card as normal and entered my first main phase, but was still unable to play any cards from my hand, including shards (so I know it wasn't a threshold issue of some kind).

Steps to Reproduce: Receive a tournament winner notification while in a match (possibly AI match), and possibly while drawing a card.

Frequency: Intermitent. I have been notified of tournament winners in game before, without this happening.

Additional Information: I submitted the match as bugged around 7:55am Central Time, UTC-06:00, on 5/11/14