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Thread: Swiss Tournament Rewards Bug?

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    Swiss Tournament Rewards Bug?

    I filed a support ticket but it has not been responded to so I don't know if this is a bug or what.

    I played a sealed tournament, which is a Swiss format. Unfortunately, we had one forfeit early. I won all three of my games. Normally, swiss is supposed to give you a pack per win, right? Here are the tournament results with the number of wins:

    Me: 3
    P2: 3
    P3: 2
    P4: 2
    P5: 1
    P6: 0
    P7: 0
    P8: 0

    When the tournament ended, I only received 2 packs for first, and the three people with zero wins showed as coming in 4th place. I'm not sure if they got prizes, but under the sealed prizes in the client, it shows that 4th place does get prizes. Did the game just pool all the prize packs together and evenly distribute them?

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    I've had this happen to me several times, also. The swiss format itself seems to be broken as the top players don't get matched up together and the wrong player gets a bye if anyone drops out. That's what's causing multiple players to end up with 3 wins, which isn't supposed to happen, and is probably confusing the system that handles prize rewards.

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