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Thread: Hex sued by MTG

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    tit for tat

    their never be 2 or more people with different opinions, about a topic that has a negative outcome, with out people eventually feeling like it personal an then wanting too retaliate when their opinion is different.

    the best thing to do is acknowledge what they say, reply if you want state your opinion but also keep it impersonal. cause no one really wins in the game of i know better then you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Go tell that to the guy who calls any detractor uneducated and jealous.
    Then ignore those parts. Keep in mind that in debates, purposefully trying to discredit your opponent with no conclusive evidence weakens your own credibility.

    If you have nothing to add or rebutt then don't respond. As I've stated before, you cannot control what others do but you can control how you react.

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    Bah, what's the point of freely admitting I'm a jerk if I then can't be a jerk?

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Go tell that to the guy who calls any detractor uneducated and jealous.
    You insulted my choice of career and my hard work; you basically called me incompetent and unworthy of the bar exam. It was flame bait, I took it and I schooled you. I don't see what the problem is here, I called you jealous, you alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstaSyneri View Post
    Exactly. He states he has no experience, just finished his studies/exams. He analyzes some of the situation (nothing there). Then gives the unwarranted "advice" not to spend money on Hex.

    It's the last part that's very fishy to me. Care to tell otherwise?
    What's so unwarranted about it? I gave you reference to a case where one big company sued the other of copyright infringement. The defendant lost that case and went out of business. TCGs are notoriously expensive. I remember pumping in thousands of dollars into MTGO before I finally sold my collection for good.

    I'm just cautioning anyone from spending some serious cash. And further, you should only spend as much as you are comfortable potentially losing several years from now. You won't be able to sell your collection if this law suit follows through. It's just something to think about.

    You are of course free to spend as you wish.

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    This thread has run its course and has become cat-nip for trolls, clearly osea101 is a troll. he adds nothing constructive to the conversation but claim a degree of expertise and recommends you stop playing HEX in just about all of his 10 posts. As we deal with the outstanding issues, we are likely to draw more of this type of poster to our awesome community. I don't want it to damage the tribe we have built. please always remain positive, calling out an obvious Troll is fine just be polite

    so I locked this thread, when there is more to talk about on this front I am sure a new 100+ page thread will pop up


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