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Thread: Hex sued by MTG

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    One more thing wizards:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lawsuit
    Further, by its sales through the Kickstarter campaign, Cryptozoic has obtained in excess of two million dollars, a sum that constitutes one of a number of losses of related revenues Wizards could reasonably have expected to earn
    No chance in hell I would've spent the money I used on the hex kickstarter in that piece of crap you call magic online. The graphical style reminds me of The Oregon Trail. No wonder you had to design a new client from scratch - although most people don't even want to use the new one because it's super buggy and the only way to trade properly is a mess of third party bots that only work on the old client. Magic online is so horrible, thank god someone made something better.

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    I am actually sad. Like I am the one being sued here, I cant believe I have already turned into a complete fanboy in such a short amount of time. As I and many other have said before, CZE if you need any financial support you dont need to look far away, ask for our help and we will be there for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GatticusFinch View Post
    Well, I am a lawyer.
    Knowing that makes your handle several hundred percent more awesome.

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    *sigh* I really don't want to boycot magic :/ I enjoy the occational draft/mini master game at the game store I frequent (playing FFG card games and Malifaux). But this is just bullshit and I'd feel terrible for continuing to support a company like that

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    It upsets me when larger companies throw their toys out of the cot because they still in the stone age. Seriously though CZE open a fund our lawyers pledge page if needed!

    You are not alone in this fight and if you just say the words the community will rally behind you.
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    They actually have ground for a legal claim. They have had a buggy client for 12 years now, and now Hex comes along with their own buggy client. Didn't they know that's Wizards thing?

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    i am also a bit sad about this, hex is so much fun ... never played mtgo until now
    (was a bit afraid due to the mass on cards - im quite new to tcgs) so playing hex
    from the beginning gave me a good entrance in that type of games... dont want to
    miss this in future.

    and it doesnt matter if they win or not, it matters that they went to "court"...
    this means it will take money - time and ressources to deal with that.

    and this maybe interrupts the development and the cashflow of hex...
    which is not good for a small company at all...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kroan View Post
    They actually have ground for a legal claim. They have had a buggy client for 12 years now, and now Hex comes along with their own buggy client. Didn't they know that's Wizards thing?
    HAHAHAHAHA I love the levity here. As an aside, Hexrex has said in chat that he is "Not (worried about) polishing up his resume anytime soon"
    and then no further comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GatticusFinch View Post
    You're not exactly right about the copyright. People keep copying and pasting the same link thinking that copyright violations don't exist in video games. They do. Hasbro couldn't sue CZE for making a card game. That's just the general idea--platformers, fps, etc. However, within that there are copyrightable elements, which is what the lawsuit is addressing.

    You're 100% wrong on the trade dress. The law is still somewhat unsettled on electronic interface trade dress, but it is certainly a cognizable legal theory. Their layout of the game and cards is non-functional and distinctive and, let's face it, Hex looks eerily similar. That looks like a prima facie trade dress claim to me.
    About as similar as Hearthstone and WOW TCG and Pokemon and Yugioh etc etc. It's too broad. That seems very unlikely to pass inspection.

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    Thank god. Maybe now Cryptozoic will have to make HEX more like the WoWtcg (what it was, with quests and multiple combat phases, combat damage not resetting after each rounds etc).

    There is hope.
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