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    WoTC won't win this, simply because Hex has enough alterations and innovations to be consider it's own unique product in a way that cannot be replicated by MTG. You can insert bits and pieces of Hex IN MTG... that is also true to most TCG's, but you CANNOT insert the whole game. That is key.

    What bothers me more and the most is the attitude of the community, in a way that we are harming our own community and environment. By portraying Hex in a poor light to the outside world and media in a way to let it be branded as a ''clone'' and ourselves as ''fanboys''.

    Please understand this and have a lick of consciousness of what you post. Right now HEX is in evidence for a bad reason, what we do or say matters on how the game gets known going forward. You might think this is not important, but for Hex in it's current stage it is the MOST IMPORTANT thing we as a community can do...

    3-4 years down the line, we want new players to come in because tey heard that Hex is pretty fun and unique and well designed not because ''Oh isn't that game that got sued for being a MTG clone?'' that HAPPENS. Social branding is a thing. and it's much more reliant on how WE handle the news than the news itself.

    Pay mind to what you do or say and help turn this around. We don't need Hex to be compared to MTG all the time, we can show it is it's own thing. Nobody is denying it's roots.... most TCG's could not deny having the SAME roots... But instead of Fanboyish stupid drivel of ''The difference is that Hex is soooooooo much cooler'' we can simply show that the game has a unique proposal and it's building blocks are original ,even if the core materials are very similar...

    This is MUCH more important right now than what we currently have here of mudslinging all around and people trying to read minds and predict the future... stop that.
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