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Thread: Hex sued by MTG

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    Hex sued by MTG

    Just saw this, not very good news for Hex. Even if it were without merit (hell if I know), I'm guessing Hasbro has deeper pockets to fund a team of lawyers.

    CZE has provided an offical statement in response:

    Cory has also released a similar message:

    Here's a write-up of the case by someone on the internet who is a lawyer. Maybe this will save GatticusFinch the trouble of writing up a summary (thx Hammer for the link).

    HexTCGPro put up a good article highlighting the many differences between Hex and MTG. It provides a good contrast to the claims made in WotC's complaint.

    Some more relevant links from Yoss:
    When "Hex Entertainment, LLC" came about (just before KS in 2013):

    About Copyrights on video games:

    More about Trade Dress (for websites):

    Richard Garfield on the evolution of games, and MTG's heritage in particular:

    I'll update this post if more real info becomes available.
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