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Am I the only person here that thinks Hasbro and WotC are well within their rights of defending their patent(s) in a case where they feel they are being infringed? That's the entire point of having patents and patent rights in the first place.
From the layman's point of view there is a difference between blatantly ripping of somebody else's original work - for example printing your own version of a Monopoly game, just calling it Monogamy or creating a game that gives you all sorts of added components and mechanics (including girl friends, concubines, etc.) and calling it Monogamy ;-).

Hex in my eyes takes the very basic TCG and expands it hundred-fold, making it cheaper to boot. It may look like a Rolex and also tell you time, but it's more accurate, space proof - and you can play games on it.

And I want that new luxury watch, for its added functions and I don't care about the Rolex.