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Thread: Hex sued by MTG

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    Hex sued by MTG

    Just saw this, not very good news for Hex. Even if it were without merit (hell if I know), I'm guessing Hasbro has deeper pockets to fund a team of lawyers.

    CZE has provided an offical statement in response:

    Cory has also released a similar message:

    Here's a write-up of the case by someone on the internet who is a lawyer. Maybe this will save GatticusFinch the trouble of writing up a summary (thx Hammer for the link).

    HexTCGPro put up a good article highlighting the many differences between Hex and MTG. It provides a good contrast to the claims made in WotC's complaint.

    Some more relevant links from Yoss:
    When "Hex Entertainment, LLC" came about (just before KS in 2013):

    About Copyrights on video games:

    More about Trade Dress (for websites):

    Richard Garfield on the evolution of games, and MTG's heritage in particular:

    I'll update this post if more real info becomes available.
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    They don't really have a case here. While they do use similar elements and ui as magic and duel of the planewalkers theres no legal protection for things like that. Just like mmo's most of them use the same type of races and ui and abilities but they arent infringing on anything. People can sue on anything.

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    This would be like Everquest sueing world of Warcraft.

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    Armchair Lawyer thread commence!

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    A lawsuit without merit can still chill sales and give magic breathing room to fix its maligned beta. This saddens me a bit.

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    I like it, they're effectively providing Cryptozoic and Hex free publicity by doing this

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    It's a sign that they see the game as a threat. The game plays different enough that it's a different entity and no copyrights should be infringed. Patents expired, so there's nothing there. IP and Trade Dress maybe, but they've been careful to use different keywords and names of cards(save very common english names).

    Basically it's just a move to try to kill it before it's a competitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzywuzhe View Post
    They don't really have a case here.
    Doesn't really matter because:
    Magic: The Gathering is the world’s best strategy game with more than 20 million players and fans worldwide.
    You can't go up against the world's best strategy game!

    Wizards is a Delaware limited liability company, maintaining its principal place of business at 1600 Lind Avenue Southwest, Suite 400, Renton, Washington 98057
    Good to see Hasbro pretty much blatantly admitting to tax evasion...
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    well thats kind of dick move. specialy since crypto have stated they are big fans and even make some cards that are clearly tribures to magic. but i guess thats how things are in the buissness world.

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