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Thread: [Community Sponsored] Beta Keys - Request Here

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    I would also like to request a beta key at this point in time. If anyone has a spare I'd be most grateful.

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    I'm looking to get one for a friend because he for whatever reason cannot post on his profile. Hammers was super kind to give me one, but anyone has an extra laying around and would PM me it, I would be forever grateful. Thank you!
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    Would appreciate a key as well. I posted in Cory post but my luck has never been that good. If anyone has a spare key for someone that will be supporting hex till the game closes down, I'd appreciate it.

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    I would really appreciate a key as well. Sadly I didn't find out about this game until it was already too late to buy the slacker backer pack, so my only chance right now is a beta key. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi, have someone a Beta-Key for me.I found the Game three Weeks ago,and it looks realy interesting,i like MMORPG and TCG and that in one Game thats Great.But i have no Beta-Key,no luck by the Giveway.If someone have a Extra-Key for me,Thanks in advance.

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    As there is no more slacker backer, i will ask here, is someone willing to give me a beta key?

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    hoping to get a beta key please

    hello there i recently read about the 500 beta keys that were given out. could any one donate a beta code please? i would like to try this game instead of watching youtube matches...

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    I unfortunately missed out on the KS and Slacker backer - I would be ever grateful if someone has an extra key lying around!


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    I'll be giving away a beta key in my stream. I'll be starting the stream in about 45 mins time.

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