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Thread: [Community Sponsored] Beta Keys - Request Here

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    Hey guys if anyone has an extra beta key that they could spare ill like to get my brother into the game

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    Ok my stream has finished and we had 2 lucky winners.

    ShadowIronblood, I'm making no promises but hopefully I'll have 1 more key to giveaway in my next stream. That won't be for a couple days though so hopefully you can get your brother a key in the meantime.

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    hoping to get a beta key please

    hello there i recently read about the 500 beta keys that were given out. could any one donate a beta code please? i would like to try this game instead of watching youtube matches...

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    Apologies in advance but to curb the constant creation of people asking for keys and hoping for sponsors, let's try to consolidate it to a single thread.


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    Hi, have someone a Beta-Key for me.I found the Game three Weeks ago,and it looks realy interesting,i like MMORPG and TCG and that in one Game thats Great.But i have no Beta-Key,no luck by the Giveway.If someone have a Extra-Key for me,Thanks in advance.

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    @Avagantamos PM'ed you a key

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    Hello. I'd love to try the game. If anyone has a key to give that would be awesome. Thanks in advance

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    Hi everyone. sry for my english. I found this game month ago and since then im trying to get a beta key. If someone could give me one ill be very happy.
    From Ukraine with love)

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