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Thread: HEX Update - Upcoming Features

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    HEX Update - Upcoming Features

    Hi HEXers! We're almost done with May and we're trucking along with the HEX Beta.

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    Hey Chark, you can have all my commons for 4 plat each if you want :P
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    Please add a button to filter only gold or platinum based auctions, otherwise looks great

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    Was admittedly hoping for more especially since last Friday's update was about non game stuff.

    Still some info is better then none but it is really sad the auction house is taking so very long to implement would be nice to actually be able to build a complete deck.

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    No mention of Chest Opening. We'll have it in time for GenCon rewards, right?

    As for the AH, I'll have to post my thoughts later after I review my notes and compare to the screen shots.
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    You’ll see Swiss Booster Draft coming in the next patch.
    That should be fun. Lots of people are asking for that one.

    AH looks good. I don't mind waiting till the bugs are ironed out, since we are playing with real cards now. +1 for a filter to show/hide auctions based on whether they have gold or platinum prices.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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    Nice, can't wait for the Auction House update no matter how long it takes. Good to see it's not too far away though.

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    can we lend cards to a friend ? AH is nice, but need trade between friend / guild

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