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Thread: Are permanent PvE bonuses Kickstarter exclusive?

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    Question Are permanent PvE bonuses Kickstarter exclusive?

    Hello all,

    I hope this question has not been posted too often before (if so, I would be grateful for a link to the discussion).

    I found out about Hex only shortly after the Slacker Backer ended, with the Kickstarter closed about a year earlier. Now I would be very interested in acquiring some of the PvE bonuses that came with the 250$ KS tiers. Are there plans to make these available again?

    I am not referring to weekly draft tickets for life of the game (or similar things that would be a monetary advantage), not even the "fluff" like exclusive card backs, but things like +100% PvE extra loot, 10% extra PvE experience and the +1 card for all raid members from the Dungeon Crawler, Guild Master and Raid Leader tiers.
    I can certainly understand the reasoning behind giving these whole packages as incentive to Kickstarter backers, so I am only talking about the PvE bonus parts of the KS rewards.

    The point is, I am not used to this kind of strong sounding and at the same time exclusive PvE bonuses from any MMO. WoW or LotRO do not have that aspect of "pay x$ in a certain time period to get an advantage over most of the other players". I feel like I am getting permanently punished for not having heard of the vision that Hex is a year earlier. Not that I would be one of the top raiders, I would definitely not go that far, but I would like to have a fair chance (and of course also pay for that, as the KS backers have also done that). And not have 50% less loot than the players that happened to be better informed a year ago. I am very excited about PvE coming sometime soon, but being permanently excluded from these privileges gives it a little bit of a sad touch.

    My suggestion is to offer a PvE upgrade bundle, maybe without any draft tickets and card sleeves etc., with just these three advantages I listed above, at some sort of reasonably chosen price, if people really want to spend time and effort for PvE.

    What do you guys think about this? Has there already been an official statement about that question?

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    CZE promised that the KS perks to be exclusive and they hold their promises which can be seen on the kickstarter page.

    Any competitive PvE will not allow any KS perks. Please get "world first" "competition" out of your mindset. It won't get you far. Standard PvE is against the computer and your progress alone in a vacuum. Don't play the victim card (punished? really?).

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    Short answer: Yes

    Long answer: Yes, but there will be a tournament-esque environment where there might be an "even playing field". This has been discuessed a fair bit in the past. The Raid Leader "+1 cards in opening hand" bonus refers to "non-tournament PvE", so if you are worried about being "permanently punished" if you decide to actually be on the cutting edge of raiding (which would be the only demographic with any real concern) you shouldn't have a problem, though not much information has been released.
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    Sadly at this point we still really don't have many answers to any PvE related questions. I believe they have said that they won't be offering anything that duplicates the KS rewards. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they can't offer similar effects. Cory said before though that all they will sell is packs and the VIP program, so if they did have any sort of PvE buffs down the road, I guess it would likely be some sort of short term consumable that you obtain as a reward, but I'm completely speculating on that.

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    To add to what others are saying, the only PvE bonus from the KS that isn't shared is the Dungeon Crawler bonus for +100% loot (which sounds more impressive than it really is... what's +100% of a small percentage to begin with? Not to mention it doesn't work quite like it sounds).

    Raid Leader shares with party members and Guild Master shares with guild members. You're not really missing out on a whole lot.

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    Believe me, Darion, I know how you feel. If I would get to have one wish, it would be exactly that. People don't want other people get the same stuff as they did, however, even though it would not impact them in any way.

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    It decreases the value of a purchase to have it given out in another manner... which in turn leaves open the question of how they will deal with collections and reprints so going down the road of saying something that was promised as an exclusive should not be actually will destroy the trust in the economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ertzi View Post
    Believe me, Darion, I know how you feel. If I would get to have one wish, it would be exactly that. People don't want other people get the same stuff as they did, however, even though it would not impact them in any way.
    To put this politely, this is a point that has been brought up repeatedly and debunked.

    It is not a simple matter of people not wanting other people to get the same stuff as they did but rather that:

    1. They took the brunt of the risk before HEX was even funded - before there was even a client available (and we still don't have much information on PvE either!).
    2. Cryptozoic would be going back on their word in a negative way (and that would generate no small amount of ill-will).
    3. To re-offer any/all the backer perks would completely devalue them and essentially be a slap to the face to all backers. It would also seem like a money-grab at that point.

    It's unfortunate that some people missed out due to any number of circumstances (financial, timing, etc.) but to use a phrase that's been touted lately: Why punish those who didn't miss out? And yes, it does affect backers if these perks were made available again.

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    It'd be neat if the first week or so of a new dungeon/raid opening meant it was in "tournament" mode. After the time period was up, rewards would go out to people based on win/loss ratios, fastest wins, wins in the least number of turns, etc. During this time, things like the raid leader buff wouldn't apply.

    As far as the dungeon crawler bonus, it wouldn't be too hard to make something comparable but different enough to preserve the exclusivity of the KS bonus. Perhaps there could be a potion you find/craft that increases the drop rate of rarer loot. To prevent double dipping by DC tier holders, the potion would only apply to the standard drops, not their bonus drops.

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    I'm cool with having the PvE perks via consumables though. That way, the early backers would still be the only ones who will have the buffs permanently. I can accept having to spend some gold to get these advantages. Everyone wins.

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