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Thread: Is merging accounts possible?

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    Is merging accounts possible?

    Hey guys.

    A buddy of mine gifted me a KS account, because he got tired of waiting for PvE. But sadly the KS code was already redeemed, but nothing is opened or used on the account tho.

    Does any of you know if merging accounts is possible at this point or will be in future? Anyone tried it?

    Or do i just have to wait for trading to be implemented and then transfer between accounts?


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    I think the only way of merging KS tiers is to input the codes on one account, I don't think they will merge two accounts with the rewards already redeemed. You'll just have to wait until they allow trading.

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    Since the made everything mergeable to avoid most of these issues I doubt anything can be done before trading is implemented.

    However, CZE is a crazy generous company that loves its fans so couldn't hurt to ask support if they can move your stuff.

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    OK thank you for your responses guys.

    Think i will wait for trading then.

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    if you need rewards (Ex weekly draft but NOT packs, cards or the tickets themselves) moved they can do that. They can not move the 3 things i just listed.

    However if the account is untouched (aka nothing opened / used) since the code was redeemed I believe they may even be able to do everything by just nuking the account and reactivating the codes.
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    I got a response on my ticket now from gameforge.

    They said that unfortunately they cannot move/merge anything for me, and that i would have to trade between accounts when trading is in-game.

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