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Thread: Limiting Shard-based Luck

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    Limiting Shard-based Luck

    Hi fellow Hexers,

    I've been playing tons of TCG's for over 15 years and the concept of Hex is surely one of the best and by far the best concerning online-TCG's.

    I only have one Problem with how the game works and it's the huge Luck-Factor involved with having the Shard-System in the Game: I've played several TCG's where you get Ressources every Turn or where you can use any Card as a potential Ressource and even if it's less Luck-based, I don't wanna miss what the Shard-System brings to the Table regarding Deck-building (how many Shards in total and how many of which), but I think there could be a Middleground between the two Versions.

    I've come up with a few Ideas on how to make Shard-based Luck less of a Factor while still having it in the Game with only minor Tweaks:

    Tweak the Mulligan-System:
    Simply put, the Mulligan doesn't do anything about bad Luck; the Chances are even higher to have a bad Hand after a Mulligan, because you get Less Cards.
    Why not change the System slightly so you could choose to keep up to two Cards in your Hand?
    Or maybe a Version where you could choose two Cards and switch them from Non-Shard to a Random Shard or vice-versa?

    Secondary Champion-Powers:
    Give them all a Secondary Ability for 2 Charges: "Search your Deck for a Basic Shard and put it on Top of your Library - this Shard does not give you a Charge." (It should cost 2 or even less, because thats when most of the Shard-Luck is the worst, but I think the Drawbacks make it a decent Option)

    Or maybe a One-Shot Ability you could use once per Game: "Search your Deck for a Basic Shard and put it in your Hand."

    I think those two Options wouldn't hurt the Game in any way and would be equally useful for all types of Decks.

    What do you guys think?
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    The problem with any system that guarantees resources is that you can make low curve aggro decks with literaly 2-3 resources in them and then 100% juice. Shards screw doesn't happen often enough that it needs a radical change (provided you build decks correctly). I'm my past three tournaments and handfulls of random games I have not lost or played against anyone who's lost to screw. Flood is another matter but this system does nothing to solve that.

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    Sorry, but the resource system is not going to change anymore.

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    Well, as I've stated it isn't a change directly to the Ressource-System but a minor Tweak to make it less Luck-based. And if you never have Ressource Problems based on pure Luck, I really envy you, cuz with my Control-Deck with 26 Shards and tons of Drawpower, I often cannot even put a Shard down on turn 3, which is literally a Death Sentence against Aggro-Decks.

    But I appreciate your Input - thats why I made the Thread! ^^

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    Yayyyy! It's this thread again!

    Shard based "luck" is mitigateable by how well you construct a deck and knowing when or when not to mulligan. Especially as more sets come out with more options or ways to use deck building skills to reduce it.

    A lot of shard issues I see are people being greedy with keeping very risky opening hands hoping to draw extremely well first few turns. This is where to mulligan is a skill. Deck building is about right amount of shards, good cost curve, and cards that may help generate resources. It won't solve every issue, but I cannot remember the last time I had shard issues in the manner of screw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bells View Post
    Sorry, but the resource system is not going to change anymore.
    Did you read the post at all? Or is this just an knee jerk auto response because you have nothing constructive to say?

    Both suggestions had nothing to do with the resource system to fix the problem of bad shard luck. His suggestions are completely reasonable and wouldn't do any harm to the game.

    I think a better mulligan system should at least be tried out. And I love the idea of champion powers being used to help fix resource screw. It was clear the intention of champion powers to help with resource screw, but it doesn't seem to be helping as much as was hoped. It helps a little with resource flood, but does nothing for lack of resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexnaes View Post
    His suggestions are completely reasonable and wouldn't do any harm to the game.
    Wrong. That mulligan system would very, very strongly favor combo type decks.

    Also, obligatory -

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    I'm strictly against any kind of selective mulligan as being allowed to keep some of the cards is veeeery strong and just doesn't work out the way you hope.

    That secondary champion power is a great idea though. Putting a shard on top of your library is something that would be really hard to abuse and something you really don't want to do in any case - unless you are stuck at two shards. I actually think this is the first suggestion to fix resource-screw that could be done without changing game balance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hexnaes View Post
    Both suggestions had nothing to do with the resource system to fix the problem of bad shard luck. His suggestions are completely reasonable and wouldn't do any harm to the game.
    Well, you are way off here. Both suggestions would do some serious harm. The mulligan system, as Thrawn mentioned, would definitely favor combo decks. The champion power thing would give a huge advantage to low cost aggro decks as they could dump a ton of resources from their deck with this guaranteed resource.

    The best suggestion for any changes is still the mulligan system in which you draw 7 every mulligan but choose 1/2/3/etc to remove and shuffle back into your deck.

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    Just include more adaptable infusion devices in your deck?
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