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Thread: Wheels of Fate bugs as of v0.9.1.006c

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    Quote Originally Posted by DataDragon View Post
    This example specifically is not a bug. If you already have a sleeve, you are not currently going to get anything new. That is working as originally intended.
    Chiany, the current situation is that the 'fix' Cory mentioned hasn't been implemented. Hence, it is not a bug, but it isn't what we were promised... Yet.
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    Thanks for the update, DataDragon. We'll review the state of affairs after this week's patch.

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    Have the drop rarities been sorted out yet? (e.g. why is Sky Walker dropping way more than Aqua Mask, North Wind more than Electric Flail)
    Do we know if a replacement prize is intended for duplicate sleeves or will it always just be a dead slot? If replacement is intended, is it implemented?

    I'm still hoarding my gold for these fixes. I notice that gold is devaluing on the AH, so maybe I'm not the only hoarder.

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    None of these changes have been implemented, or even mentioned again since DataDragon said he would pass along the mislabeled / misdrop items.

    All the icons that were reported as wrong are still wrong. Mask and Flail still drop less often than they should compared to their counterparts (and Mask prices are RETARDED on the AH considering it's actually supposed to be common ). Duplicate sleeve rolls are still effectively a failed spin, it hasn't been fixed to give you a different prize or just not land on that prize slot again.

    Basically, WoF hasn't been touched at all in a couple of patches. Obviously, other things are higher priority right now, so this is deemed "good enough" or "functional" for now.

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    It has an official bug ticket on it, waiting for resolution.
    Not much beyond that I can do.
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    Thanks for the info. I figured it was something like that. Like I said, there are higher priority things on the list still (like content that still needs version one released!).

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