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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireknuckles99 View Post
    I though we were getting a update in 10 days? its been 15 days..... +2 weeks.....
    I think he said the Naruto one needs to go up first. So i would guess that once the Naruto one goes through it would be.... within a week when we see the DC preview.

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    whoops, let me rephrase I was actually talking about the Naruto game haha. its so hard to get any information from these guys

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    Maybe we should send in this guy.


    I bet he'll get us the information we want.

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    Any news on that update. The only picture I can see is a poor resolution one on the website and I can only make out the text on flash, death stroke and John Constantine

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    Here is the link for the Crisis Expansion review written by our wonderful Matt Hyra. Check it out! The game will be available for release as of tomorrow, August 6th!

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    Have played the Crisis cooperative Impossible mode - it's tough!

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    how long does average shipping take within the united states? i live in washington.

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    Average shipping to Washington should take about 3-5 business days. Please keep in mind this depends on random conditions presented to our carriers on the way to the destination.

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