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Thread: Relentless Corruption vs Stone Skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    Your understanding of grammar is incorrect.
    Actually my understanding of grammar is perfectly correct. And even if your grammar fails you, let your common sense make up for it. There may be many opponents to choose from in a multi-player game but each champion only has one deck. So actually targeting a deck instead of a champion makes no sense at all. Nevermind the fact that in the history of TCGs a deck has never been a valid target for a card.
    Also there is "chronic madness" which targets champions, not decks, and has the exact same wording as "relentless corruption".
    And last but not least we already know that "relentless corruption" is a bugged card.
    So please, instead of arguing about the way a bugged card works, let's just all agree to the fact that it needs to be fixed!

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    Does Stoneskin work against Chronic Madness?

    "Bury the top 4 cards of target champion's deck."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoss View Post
    Does Stoneskin work against Chronic Madness?

    "Bury the top 4 cards of target champion's deck."
    "Chronic Madness" correctly asks you to choose a target champion when you cast it and IT CAN BE interrupted by "Stoneskin".
    So, like I have been saying all along fix the broken card called "Relentless Corruption" plix plox

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    Wondering if Hex employees just see these threads and say amongst themselves 'damnit another possible bug! Lets see who makes the most logical argument before we decide to acknowledge whos right...'

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    Having given this some more thought, the wording on the card is highly ambiguous and could refer to targeting the champion or the deck. Add to this the fact that Relentless Corruption doesn't ask you to target anything when you cast it and it's clear something isn't working as intended.

    Please CZE, can we get both a clarification as to what RC is meant to target and a fix for both the targeting procedure and the multiple draws in mirror matches?

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    Yeah, I think the actual bug is that the card text says "target" but the actual implementation does not target. Regardless of what the actual target is supposed to be, it's very clear that there is supposed to be a target. Right now there isn't, you just cast it and it goes straight to the chain.

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    Maybe the "target" is an "opposing champion's deck"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seashell View Post
    Maybe the "target" is an "opposing champion's deck"?
    Its almost like thats what this conversation is about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seashell View Post
    Maybe the "target" is an "opposing champion's deck"?
    If there were a target, it would force you to choose that target even if there was only one option. There's no choice when you play Relentless Corruption. Thus, it does not target.

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    To summerize:
    Chronic madness and relentless corruption have the same wording but differ in two respects:
    1) They play diffently (one asks for a target, the other doesn't)
    2) Stoneskin seems to work against one but not the other

    The wording "target champions X" (in this case deck) is ambiguous unless it is backed up by a clarifiyng UI.
    Any card with the word "target" should make you chose a target, even if there is only one legal target. This is currently not the case with relentless corruption.

    Suggestions for change:
    a. Change wording of RC to "Draw 1 card from the top of random opposing champions deck"
    b. Change RC functionality so that you target opponent and can be interrupted by stoneskin
    c. Change UI so that you can target decks and possible hands of other champions. Then change RC so that you target opposing deck and change CM to do the same and make Stonesking inapplicable for both.
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