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Thread: Relentless Corruption vs Stone Skin

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    Relentless Corruption vs Stone Skin

    So after reviewing a match i had, i asked around and at least one person indicated this was not a bug. However, when i go and look at three cards and their interactions, i'm a little confused as to why this is intended, if it isn't a bug.

    My opponent casts relentless corruption "...Target opposing champion..." and i am unable to respond with stone skin, "Interrupt target action targeting you..."

    Since counter magic works on the card through the use of the word interrupt, this card should work as well, as long as the card being used against me is an action, and is targeting me. It is a basic action, and according to the text it is targeting me.

    Now i think i know why its not working. Relentless corruption doesn't actually target. Unlike giant corpse fly for example. But while the card knows who its suppose to attack, in theory it should be targeting me, and in theory if I were playing against a raid boss, it would actually choose between my self and the other players.

    In conclusion if this is not a bug, i would simply like a deeper understanding of why this intended, so that i can further my knowledge of how the game works. Appreciate any constructive replys.
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    I think the difference is that for Relentless Corruption, the opponent is an indirect target. Burn targets you, directly. Stone Skin stops this. Relentless Corruption says "Put the top 1 card of target opposing champion's deck..." It's not actually targeting you, it's targeting your deck. It's a minor, but important, distinction. Because it's trying to target your library, rather than you, Stone Skin can't do anything about it.

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    Had this happen today too, caught me off guard. Thanks for clarification.

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    Force of habit.


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    Sorry to revive this thread but it can't be working as intended. It is a major bug.
    Even if you take Relentless Corruption's text into account...
    " opposing champion's deck" still targets the champion not his deck. In more simple english it means "...the deck of target opposing champion".
    Furthermore Stoneskin failed to interrupt a Time Ripple and a Repel earlier today but I'm hoping this was just a side-effect of the freshly applied patch or something.

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    Relentless Corruption targets the deck. Find a way to make your deck an invalid target and you will counter the RC. Stoneskin isn't going to work.

    Target opposing champion's deck broken down is target (qualifier) (object). Remove the qualifier and you're left with target deck.

    Stoneskin absolutely should be countering Repel and Time Ripple, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AswanJaguar View Post
    Relentless Corruption targets the deck.
    Not according to the card. There needs to either be a code change or a text change, because the code and the text do not agree.

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    I stand corrected. The wording is actually unclear, or at best, prone to easy confusion. It should be reworded.
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    While the wording could be better, I think it should be clear that the deck is being targeted, not the champion. If it were the champion, it would read "the deck of target opposing champion."
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