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Thread: What's Your Favorite Feature in Hex? (Eldritch Dreamer Canvas Print Contest)

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    What's Your Favorite Feature in Hex? (Eldritch Dreamer Canvas Print Contest)

    Post what your favorite feature of Hex is, upcoming or current. It could be the double back feature tracking each cards stats or the Keep system and raiding a rivals castle. You can even talk about a dungeon you’d like to see or a story you’d like to be a part of. Or perhaps it's the asynchronous sealed that I know my co-host Josh is just itching to play.

    Online Contest Rules:
    1. You must reside in the 48 contiguous United States for shipping purposes. Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and international fans.
    2. Winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, August 19th and notified through the corresponding media (ie. Forum post = Forum PM).
    3. The contest will span a 24 hour period from 12 AM EST to 12 AM EST.
    4. The winner from the Twitter contest will be excluded from the forum contest.
    5. Limit one entry per person.

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    I'll kick us off:


    Not sure if it will be my favorite, but at this point it's the most mind blowing for me. Two pieces of equipment per card which greatly affect how the card works in a deck essentially triples the cardpool.

    Again, mindblowing.

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    The threshold system. What it does to a traditional resource system is both subtle and wonderful.

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    My favorite feature is that the effect of modifiers on cards are permanent across all zones. That seemingly small feature really helps make Hex unique and things like escalation even possible.

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    Looking forward to the double backs. The ability to track a slew of cool statistics this, amongst other ways, in the game keeps it fresh and always gives something to strive for. Gonna be awesome.

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    I loooooove the whole double-back system, but the thing I'm most excited for is PvE (as a whole). It's everything I loved about WoW - kicking in skulls with my homies - but replacing the dry, cyclical WoW combat with TCG awesomeness.

    Keeps also are very high on my list, but I think PvE is going to be my drug of choice as soon as it launches.

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    That PvE interview has me all kinds of excited. I am going to say the Might/Class system.

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    I'm excited for permanence across each dungeon. Having a string of encounters (some optional) that all tie together with the potential to temporarily modify your deck? Awesome. I just hope the AI is up to the task.

    And then doing the dungeons in Singleton mode? I love that idea! As the card pool expands, all of the crazy things to put in a singleton deck is already mind blowing.

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    I'm so very excited about loot, in pve.

    I think the cards having equipment is just insane, and is beyond the sickest feature the game has to show players interested in PVE.


    Loot and how it enables insane new paths for decks, and how it pimps out crappy commons and other things, and just validates different sections of the set in new ways.

    just siiiiiicccccckkkkkkk stuff.
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