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    Exclamation NARUTO DBG update?????

    Game was suppose to come out yesterday, even had a article on it, now the date is pushed out a week?????? no explanation? my store said they would have it tomorrow is this true????

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    Every time you punch someone, do you brand an outline of your fist on that persons face?

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    the game is great... problem is probably on diamond's end not cryptozoic. i have it and i like it alot.

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    did you order them online or get them at a store? or did you get them at gencon? just wondering glad to hear the game is great

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    Just spoke to my store they first said they would get them on Friday, now they are getting it on Monday........ the stories keep changing

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    None of the local game stores in my area (Toronto, Canada) received any copies. One of them said there might've been a problem with the distribution chain. Another one said that Canada was getting shafted (as usual) lol.

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    Unfortunately, the game was tied up in customs for a week longer than anticipated. The games are now at our distributor's warehouse and they are sending the cases out to stores as we speak. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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    thanks for the reply just got my copy today..... OH YEA!

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    I had pre-ordered the game from the Cryptozoic E-store .. My order still says 'Processing' though :/

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