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Thread: HEX Update – Free Tournament This Saturday

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    My most memorable tournament was a draft where I was in the final round playing Blood/Wild deck with Shin'haires and my opponent had a Ruby/Wild Aggro opponent. I had over 20 life because I had some life gain mechanics. They put an Ash Harpy on the board and a full board with a rage troop, to match my board and they were swinging me with the Harpy. The Harpy got to 16 power and I was down to 4 life. I played a Battle Beetle with a Blood Gem to bring down the rage troop to a negative attack power, and then used the Battle Beetle to block the Ash Harpy and kill it. I later pulled my Uruunaz to resurrect his Ash Harpy and swing him for his entire life total and ended the round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    I still want those blue circle sleeves.
    Blue circle sleeves? Wassat? o.o

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    The blue circle of doom that cancelled the last no max entry tournament

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    This is a constructed tournament, right? Never played in a 128-tournament before, only drafts :-)

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    Side note, glad to see you're using time converters now, I suggested that at one point and it really makes it smoother. I'd prefer it if people said X hours ahead/before in-game instead of their local time though.

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    Well, thats around 9:00 pm (21:00 Uhr) in Germany. I hope i can make it.

    Nice gesture

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    Now to try and remember which constructed deck I actually use - rather messed them up theory-crafting for set 2...

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    Waaargh. This almost collides without Guild Team Qualifier for the World Team Cup 2014. I guess I'll have to quickly redub this CZE event "TUC Guild Team Qualifier #3" ;-).

    Now how to tell my wife that I can't be going to that parent party...?
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    We'll manage Asta! Expect the Unnamed Council to be representing for this tournament

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    Arggh, board game afternoon with the family already arranged However I might log in just to at least participate in the queue and perhaps glimpse the spinning blue circle once again. I second the call for sleeves!

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