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Thread: Initial Thoughts from a new comer

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    Initial Thoughts from a new comer

    I just played Hex for the first time last night and this morning and wanted to share my thoughts primarily for the developers.

    1) General interface feels quite clunky.
    - It starts with the website where I felt like just creating my account was clunky from hitting enter when logging in not working and having to click on LOGIN to failures to reset my password and a general lack of polish to the website buttons.
    - The game itself shares in the same clunky feel to the interface. When I started a fresh game and chose my initial deck and race the widgets were overlayed on top of each other and felt broken. Had to guess what I was doing to figure it out.

    2) Tutorials too specific, inconsistent, and allows for bugs
    - There is too much clicking to advance to the next thing it wants me to do and inconsistency in when it wants me to do something in the game or to click the continue button. Often the visuals were the same but it wanted something different. Also I was able to somehow NOT activate my hero power but it thought I did and then told me I had won at the end when my opponent still had 1 life left.

    3) In game interface clunky as well
    - I was immediately annoyed at the card hover sounds being very sharp and overplayed. Interface items dont have a good feel for hovering over them. Animations are rigid and linear. FX are simple and lacking in depth or layering. Its quite possible that I have been completely spoiled by Hearthstone but overall I just come away with the sense that this game does not provide enough new in terms of mechanics to pull me away from other games like MTG. I had expected it to be MTG but with more flare, feel, and heart (as magic online is as cold as they come) but it comes across as just a redo of the same feeling that Magic 2015 provides. The interface feels just as cold and lifeless.

    4) Lack of an MMO feel.
    - From reading the descriptions of the game I had expected to get a better sense of who I was and where I was in the world. Expected some kind of world map with locations I could click on to perform actions. Instead its just a standard windows menu system. Expected to visualize my "character" and my decks and have a sense of me in the online world.

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    The game will get a completely new interface soon, which is why they no longer change anything on the current one.
    As far as i know, the tutorial is also only temporary (because its still better than having no tutorial at all).
    The "MMO feel" is likely supposed to come with the PvE content. Once that is in, you will have your keep, champions, world map etc.
    So yeah, fixes to all this already in the making

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    1+3 are both likely to be mostly addressed soon, with the UI update. 2 is only a problem because the tutoral is only a few weeks old and hasn't had any updates yet (likely because they want to push the UI update before putting more work into something they will have to change anyway.)

    As for 4 - this is pretty much about as good as it is going to get until raids are in. You might not feel like hundreds/thousands of players in a chatbox is an MMO, but this is a TCG - having huge amounts of people playing in the same game is a big ask. Raids will have 3 players at once, and the tournaments are 1v1 games, with potentially hundreds of players playing at once.

    If you are looking for atmosphere, maybe PvE will scratch that itch when its ready.
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    Welcome to the game!

    As for the specifics, Xen and Assassine already covered it.

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