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Thread: Hex Community Rock League

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    This sounds awesome. Sign me up!
    IGN: Kyrstrava

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    Sure - why not

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    Two quick questions: Since we are supposed to play matches, do we have to stick to a reserve of 15 cards decided before the match, are we allowed to swap up to 15 cards from our collection into our deck between the duels or do we have no reserve at all ?

    Second question, if we have a fix reserve for the match, are we allowed to put uncommon in it even if we have reached the limit of 4 in our deck. Assuming of course the deck we use never end up having more than 4 uncommons in the deck while in a duel.

    And regardless of the answer, count me in, IG Name is also Naldek.

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    Hey Naldek.

    1) No reserves this time around.
    2) As said no reserves. In the future, if we get reserves, it will be 4 uncommons including those in the reserves.

    If you have any further questions, let me know

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    Signing up, same name in game.

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    GPrime. =D
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    In-game: GPrime

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    I'm in.

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    I'm in, Kman is my IGN

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