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Thread: still no reimbursement for my booster pack loss!

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    still no reimbursement for my booster pack loss!

    i have reported it on "", 4-5 times now, and still keep getting the same fail email from the same fail person, telling me the same fail crap every time! i click on his "" and re-report it, only to get the same email every single day! this needs to be fixed, your customer support is completely fail.

    "Gameforge 4D GmbH
    Albert-Nestler-Strasse 8
    D-76131 Karlsruhe

    Local Court Mannheim, Commercial Register Number: 718029
    Sales Tax Identification Number: DE 814330106
    Managing Directors: Carsten van Husen, Tobias Haar"

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    What exactly is this 'loss'?
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    In case you actually want help:
    What happened?
    What did you write support?
    What did they reply?
    Why are you not pleased with this reply and consider it "fail crap"?

    In my experience, support reimburses quickly and uncomplicated.
    If you lost boosters during draft or sealed, you would usually get a draft or booster token respectively, you won't get boosters.
    I can't imagine why someone would write back and forth 4-5 times with support.

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    I have nothing but great things to say about the support. I was worried initially based on reputation of gameforge, but I have to say they have been brilliant, responsive and generous. Perhaps post the question and answer here so we can try and help.
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    How did u even manage to lose a booster pack?
    I thought I had lost a booster pack after cancelling an auction, but it turned out it got back into my stash, just not right away. Took a minute or so. Maybe something similar happened in your case?

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    If you get a response from support, you can reply or escalate that claim instead of just resubmitting the same complaint hoping for a different explanation. There's only been one claim I've had to reply to, it seemed like.they didn't understand what the original complaint was. Once I responded via reply they fixed it.

    I'm still not sure how you "lose" a pack though.

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    I am curious what this loss is as well.
    I see 3 packs used in a tournament, and 4 packs opened on their own.
    I see 7 chests as a result.
    I see no auction activity either.
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    i purchased two packs, opened the first pack, got all my cards. when i opened the second pack, it showed the exact same cards as the first pack, but didn't give me any of the cards. i wrote 4-5 times because the only reply to my ticket i was getting was the same contact this page for help, so i would click the page it told me to, and re-file my report. someone finally got back to me, and stated that it is a known glitch, i got cards, but they didn't show what cards they were.

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    so you can lock or delete this page if you want it, it has been resolved.

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    Ah yes, I think I remember sending a list of cards for a support ticket, most likely yours.
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