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Thread: Changing heroes in sealed

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    Changing heroes in sealed

    We should be able to change heroes in sealed.
    In sealed we open 6 boosters. There is a very high chance that there are several strategies that you can go, I just had a pool, where I could literally play any shard combination, and I'm very disappointed that once I chose a my shards and champion there is absolutely no change I can make to my deck during side boarding.

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    I disagree. The champ you choose is like a card that you are adding that to your card pool. You don't have every champion in your pool, just one. It is like being able to side in a card from your collection instead of the limited pool you have to work with.

    I not only think you shouldn't be able to change your champ between games but also shouldn't be able to change your gems for the exact same reason.

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    I agree with the OP

    The champ you choose is like a card that you are adding that to your card pool.
    And every card you get in limited is in your card Pool and reserve so your champ you pick for you main deck should revert back every paired match but game 2 -3 should have the option to change champs just like changing gems and using other reserved cards.

    in con I don't think you should be able to change champs but limited should be more open like the more then 4 of a kind of card.

    muti effect threshold champs could be in future sets sort of like how Stargazer works would be a good addition to strats and allow you to side out whole shards.

    but using TJT logic might as well get rid of reserves in constructed all together (there is another topic on this in the forms).

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    On the contrary. Your reserves are part of your deck, something many new to intermediate players tend to forget. A Constructed deck is not 60 cards. It is 75. Plus your Champ.

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    Your champion is your identity for that tournament. It doesn't make sense to change your identity mid-match. Plus there's nothing saying that you can't remove all your sapphire cards just because Feather-Drifting-Downriver is your champion. You just lose access to your charge power (unless you keep one shard in and grab it with SoF or AID).

    Just pick your champion carefully.
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    It might not be a bad idea to allow us to sideboard a champion in limited.

    It would also be really nice to be able to create Multiple decks in limited so that you don't have to spend a ton of time sideboarding if you are switching out and entire shard.

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    Just so we're clear, I'm talking specifically about Sealed, not limited in general. In draft you draft according to a strategy, and by the second pack you already know pretty much the shards you will be playing. In Sealed you get 6 packs worth of cards and endless possibilities. Looking at my card pool, and what my opponent is playing sometimes I just want to change my whole deck with what I have in my pool. That is currently not possible at all, and that is what why I'm saying that at least in sealed we should be able to change absolutely everything.

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    This gives an advantage to shards who's champions have more generalized powers and so are easier to change between imo.

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    Changing champions doesn't sound like something you'd want to do if you've built well. Changing everything around for a "surprise" is one of those things that sounds interesting strategically, but rarely works as intended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KingGabriel View Post
    This gives an advantage to shards who's champions have more generalized powers and so are easier to change between imo.
    What shard(s) would that be though? All shards seem to have two general use and two theme-specific champs, so I'm not sure what shard or shard combination would get an unfair advantage.

    Tbh, not letting us change champs in limited seems like a pretty artificial restriction given how much freedom we already have with sideboarding. You can already revamp your strategy completely, if you have the time / cards for it, so why not allow a champ change to match the strategy change? I don't buy the "your champ is your identity" argument, since, strictly speaking, your keep is your identity and your champ is just another tool at your disposal.
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