Hello there...I have only been playing hex a little while and am really enjoying it, well when it works I do...you see I have been dc'd from maybe 75% of all tourneys I have entered....some I have managed to get back into, some I have been eliminated from...I have sent a lot of tickets and received a lot of free tickets...but just the generic sorry here's a ticket answers...which although fine isn't actually helping fix the problem...I thought the laptop I am using was the problem but prompted by someone in chat saying hex would run on a potato (haha) I turn to the forums in search of help...the laptop I am playing hex on is pretty damn old but is at least not quite a potato yet....and I don't really have another way of testing...my internet signal is normally fine...so really I just wondered how alone I am with this problem? and if any of you guys had any tech help you could suggest...thanks....I will post the specs of the laptop when I am next on it.