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Thread: Playset Braggardry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blowfeld View Post
    If I invest a few hundred Euros or sell all my packs, then maybe i could brag, too.

    But no.

    I will never ever own any playsets
    I'm a colector at heart... I had to do this w set 1
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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    Gratz! Just in time to start all over again for Set 2!

    I'll just leave this here... This is just a count from my main account minus shards. I have an average of 17 of each Legendary (Min: 14 [Pack Raptor]; Max: 24 [Eternal Guardian]). Haven't bought or sold any cards except for the legendaries I've posted for 5G and the commons I buy every so often for 765P.

    Attachment 2298

    EDIT: Also, planning a BIG giveaway when we get trading!
    Really makes me wonder what sort of job you have.....
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    Colin is in customer service, isn't it obvious?
    HexEnt is too long to type, They're HXE now.
    I am currently trading my unused GK code for a new Tesla Model S P85D
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    Quote Originally Posted by MugenMusou View Post
    Really makes me wonder what sort of job you have.....
    Google his name

    You first have to find his real name.... *Hint* Exalted Post

    ...... Wow I just realized I'm a stalker... Sorry Colin
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    Quote Originally Posted by MugenMusou View Post
    Currently Playing: Infinity Wars
    hey, do u consider this a good TCG ? just askin, cause I played this a little before hex ... those ks tcgs seem to lag some serious aspect normaly produced games have, I just cant put my finger onto yet ... IWs cart art is like an visual Insult to my eyes ... but most of the times the matches Play out totally awkward, like in HEX as well ...

    like these games have no identifiable grand scheme or coherent 'idea' behind themself ...

    c u

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    I don't like to brag that much, but I am at -1 card, missing one copy of Uruunaz for the play set. Haven't been trading for it since it's supposed to be incoming with the Uruunaz starter... when?
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    That will be the last card I do not have either for that very reason.
    The art work for opening the chest is very nice.

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    I had so many Uruunaz spare... It haunted me. Traded my spares off, very happy with how it turned out.

    Have 4 now, the spare I have once the starter goes live will probably be donated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cavench View Post
    Is Jadiim in that starter too?
    Pretty much nobody knows. Colin might... Devs probably do. We, however, don't.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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