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Thread: Suggestion: Draft Attack

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    Suggestion: Draft Attack

    Announcer that sounds suspiciously like Strong Bad: "Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I like Draft, but I wish it were crazier?' Well then you need to try Draft Attack or it's crazier cousin Draft Attack Extreme! Draft Attack would be a tournament with between 8 and Sixteen...yes SIXTEEN drafters (Probably set to fire off at a set time and/or auto-fire off when it's full). There is still the regular 3 booster packs that are needed to enter of course, but it has more of that crazy Draft potential that you know and love. This makes everything more intense...from trying to figure out what people are going for in drafting (since you don't get to see what others have previously picked from your pack) to somebody could grabbing 8 boulder brutes or 7 Thunderbirds and so forth...don't worry those T-birds could still all die from that 1 sorrow you've been seeing.

    The best part about Draft Attack? To the best of my research MtG doesn't have something like that and with us being a Digital card game that leads us to being able to do Draft Attack Extreme! Draft Attack Extreme you get a a paid entry for from winning Draft Attack. How is it more extreme you ask? Well Draft Attack Extreme not only is 'the best of the best of the best sir' but along with the 3 booster packs you open and draft in it against 15 opponents (It requires 16) but since Tournament decks are already saved in this game you are able to also use the cards from your Draft Attack Deck!"

    *ends the voice of Strong Bad* We now resume you to your regular activities.

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    I don't know if its just me, But i do not understand what you are proposing. How is it different from normal draft? Why would I do this over normal draft?

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    Normal draft has 8 people. This would be 8 to 16 (with 16 starting up as soon as the tournament is full or starting with however many there are if there's at least 8 at a set time) Why would you do this over normal draft? Because it's more of an intense setting. You have a harder time getting a "read" on what your opponent's are going for, and potentially are able to have more duplicates of a card than a regular draft. Where now it might be a max of 7 copies of the same card in a draft you can have in a Draft attack it could be ~14 of the same card or ~28 even. Making things much crazier and easier to be "tribal" if you will...and able to do things outside the parameters that you can normally do in things like Constructed where it's a max of 4 of the same card.

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    Basically it's a draft setting, removing half the skill component and replacing it with luck. Basically it's not an idea I would ever be interested in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesbudt View Post
    Basically it's a draft setting, removing half the skill component and replacing it with luck. Basically it's not an idea I would ever be interested in.
    It seems like a sealed/draft hybrid. You make the picks, but you don't see much of others picks - you can kind of get a read on what people are playing by what is missing, but you can't gauge it anywhere near as effectively as you could in a standard draft...

    I can see this being just perfect for some people, but not for everyone.
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    Not worth the time of developers in my eyes I wouldnt play it at least
    But the idea of breaken the 4 duplicate limit sounds fun maybe something for certain pve dungeon later on

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