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Thread: Off-Topic Thread

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    Hi Carion2,

    this is the HEX general discussion forum, your topic fits more into "off topic".

    Can a Mod move this?

    But to answer your question for me it is in this order:

    1. HEX
    2. Star Citizen (might become No. 1 when SQ42 and the PU is released)
    3. Triple A titles like Witcher 3, Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc. but always only for 1-2 weekends until the campaign and the DLC addons are done. I also love the Warhammer 40k games, but there is nothing really nice in the pipeline and I hope Armada will be quite ok. I am really looking forward to the new Deus Ex, Doom and Warhammer Total War

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    #1 HeX
    #2 HeX
    #3 Project Reality
    #4 Forged Aliance Forever

    PS: this topic should be moved!
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    Hi, my name is Malicus and my will to resist Hex is weak.

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    Hex & Black Desert, sometimes at the same time.

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    Do you follow any website to play different kind of games?

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    Good list though. I like all games you shared. However, I basically follow the site to play different kind of games. Here it is:

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    GJ Carion2 well trolled.

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    what computers think of hex cards

    maybe was only meant for real photos...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biz View Post
    maybe was only meant for real photos...

    Well in captionbot's defense, Master of Time may not look like cake as it does a cinnabon, which is pretty close.

    Yumm! Cinnabon of Time!

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